Monday, March 20, 2006

Big Arse Pile of Buy This Week

Food. Mooch off others for a couple of weeks.
Gas. Two cars. Full gas. Should keep me for a couple weeks.
Drink. Have enough cash for that. Always!!
Comics. Go broke the next two weeks buying them.

Mei gei goo foo....13 books this week!!!

Geez, its about time to hit up the 401k for a loan. Sheesh!!

Now this, this has the possibilities of a great week.

BATMAN #651. I borrowed Detective from Chris last week. That was pretty good. So good in fact that I may have to pick it up AND this Batman comic. I don't buy many Batman comics. I will try this series kicking off OYL for Batman though.

CATWOMAN #53. I"m leery. Loved the series so far. Hoping OYL doesn't kill it. Its Pfeiffer, so I am going to give it a go.

HAWKGIRL #50. The blurbs on OYL are the only thing that got me hooked into this one. Ultra-violent? For mainstream DC? OK, I"ll try one.

MANHUNTER #20. OYL: Please don't kill it. OYL: Please don't kill it. Fun book. Hoping it doesn't go too far astray, or I will go astray of it.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #530. #529 was great. I'm thinking this one will be too.

ARES #3 (OF 5). Bought the first 2. Its a decent story. Japanese gods storming Olympus? That's just weird enough to read about.

CAPTAIN AMERICA #16. I uber enjoyed the last ish. This good be a good tale in the making.

DAREDEVIL #83. Time to put the hurt on. You go Brubaker.

NEW AVENGERS #17. It all changes after Civil War. It all changes after Civil War. Click/Click. Why aren't these damn ruby slippers working? I just wanna go home. Take me home where the real Avengers are. Maybe sometime soon. Til then, I will still throw good money at it, in the hopes of a good change soon.

SQUADRON SUPREME #1. I like JMS. I don't know much about Sq. Sup. And its an alternate universe. Sigh. I'll still take a gander. Hell, I tried Warlord #1. GAKK!!

ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #28. I just like this book.

X-FACTOR #5. I blame Chris and Jake on this. Did I thank you?

AND Of course:
RED SONJA #8. Because I can. New arc starts too. Excellent.

Question: Anyone know what this is about?
STARSHIP TROOPERS #1 (OF 4)--- I have seen nothing on this. Lame looking? Decent?

And Chris- I see your Iron Ghost is a-coming this week.

Thanks gang.


Anonymous fin fang doom said...

Manhunter will probably be one of the few OYL titles I pass on. I know nothing about it, so there's nothing to interest me.

I'll probably pick up Daredevil as a friend loaned me the first Brubaker issue and I loved it. I've never liked Daredevil until I read issue #82.

Why do all of you guys love Red Sonja so much, anyway?

11:22 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

For the record, Randy is the only one of 2GBC that buys Red Sonja. I haven't been able to coax an explanation other than "chainmail bikini swordfighting" out of him yet.

Although if she's a chainmail bikini swordfighting pirate robot ninja, then I'm onboard.

1:05 AM  
Blogger Randy said...

And the Red Sonja book is actually very pretty. NO, not just her. The artwork, well, except for the last ish, is really quite gorgeous. And hey, the last RS vs. Thulsa, she wasn't even wearing her metal bikini or have a sword. I mean umm....

The last book did have pirates in it though Chris.

The Daredevil's have been great with the lead up to Brubakers run (yes- that's a shout out to BMB for a job excellenty done) the only thing that is going to bug me is the whole "DD is on the street and Matt's in jail" plot. They damn well better tie that up real nicely.

6:51 AM  
Blogger Jake said...

Judging from the way he was perched, I assumed that's Peter Parker running around in Daredevil's costume to plant enough "reasonable doubt" in the minds of potential jurors. It might even be the same costume Matt gave him when Peter testified in court so Matt Murdock could cross-examine Daredevil.

9:38 AM  
Blogger kelvingreen said...

Yeah, DD doesn't "perch" like that, but Spidey does, so I assumed it was him too. And there is a precedent for the two of them helping each other out in this way.

As far as Red Sonja's chainmail bikini goes, I'm still surprised that Marvel aren't getting a cut of that pie, as that design for Sonja is Marvel's. The original Sonja stories had her as some kind of gun-toting pirate queen in the far future, as I recall. She wasn't a barbarian swordmistress until Marvel took her on.

I don't give two shakes about (Olive) OYL, but I'm giving Hawkman/girl a go purely because Simonson's doing it. I'm not buying Batman/Detective until Morrison and Dini take over, and I'm not paying money for Not Avengers and ASM until the badness goes away, although I will find a way to read them, obviously. Good old library.

3:31 PM  
Blogger redlib said...

Starship Troopers-- Markosia publishers out of England came out of the ashes of AP. This is their big buzz book, lots of advance sales. Not my cup, but should be good. Have you ever read Of Bitter Souls? Chuck Satterlee, the writer, is now at Markosia and is a great guy. It's a New Orleans story, a team crafted from outcasts- trade out soon.
Randy, there's no need to explain your redophile tendencies either. I think every comic reader should choose their own redhead to love.

4:28 PM  

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