Monday, March 20, 2006

WWLA: Snark Edition

The best-laid plans go awry, which is why you don't see the gamebook post up yet. I'm working on it, you'll see it this week, and it's taught me a valuable lesson; don't ever pre-announce anything on a blog, because God knows what might go belly up.

Anyhoo, I thought I'd share some thoughts on announcements from WizardWorld LA, courtesy of Newsarama:

"One of the new projects announced at the panel was Beyond!, a six issue miniseries written by Dwayne McDuffie, with art by Scot Kolins. The miniseries will take a diverse group of Marvel’s B-list characters (and lower), and place them in a cosmic situation, off world."

I'm all for McDuffie doing comics work again, but Kolins is hit-or-miss for me; he's one of those artists that I really have to be "in the mood" to appreciate, otherwise it comes off as fugly. The premise sounds warmed over, but I'll probably give it a shot.

"Asked if there will be any new team books, Quesada said that there will be, after Civil War, noting that Brian Bendis and Frank Cho are working together on a project."

My condolensces to all you Champions fans out there.

"The new title is called Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters. The new series is a creator-owned property, that features characters and concepts created by the late Jack Kirby, as expanded on by his daughter Lisa Kirby and Mike Thibodeaux. According to Quesada, it's a very personal story for Lisa, metaphorically dealing with her relationship with her father against a cosmic backdrop of fantastic characters and wild vistas. It also features appearances by other Kirby-owned characters such as Captain Victory."

Um. This...I, er...well, then. Why do I fear that no good can come of this?

"Quesada described the MAX Punisher series as taking place in its own “neighborhood”, and that it won’t have a lot of touches to the main Marvel Universe continuity."

You know, this is probably a good thing. I think the Punisher is one of those characters that you just can't do justice to in the regular Marvel U; you need graphic violence and mature themes, because the character's origin and personality demand it.

"Brian Bendis, audience member when the panel began and panelist toward the end, reiterated that no series “gets more screwed up” by the events of Civil War than New Avengers"'s...just...a...comic book...
(Whew. OK, I'm gonna be alright. I've convinced myself that in the Bendis-verse getting "screwed up" might actually mean "becoming a decent comic".)

"Finally, Lowe named late 2006 or early 2007 as when readers can expect to see Orson Scott Card’s Ultimate Iron Man 2 limited series."

OK, cool. At least they're not abandoning it like I had feared.

"What’s a big, world-shattering event without the X-Men?"


"the new Robert Kirkman/Phil Hester Ant-Man ongoing series was referred to the “Irredeemable Ant-Man”, in reference to one-half of the series’ lead characters Kirkman told Newsarama about. Quesada joked this new character was the most dislikable superhero in comics."

I want to be interested in this, but it's Ant-Man, for cryin' out loud.

"Though acknowledging there is always a body count in a war, Quesada pointed out they will be bringing back as many characters in Civil War as may die."

Well, thank goodness---we wouldn't want to be depicting war as having consequences, now would we?

"Tom Brevoort added, 'We’ll be doing worse things to some characters than killing them.'"

Like making them New Avengers! (Sorry. I couldnt' resist. I promise, no more NA snark.)

"Part of the reason why the New Avengers will be so different after the war (as has been promised by Brian Bendis) is there will be a clear loser in the conflict."

(I'm trying my best here, OK?)

"Asked if Iron Man will fall off the wagon again, Brevoort responded saying Tony Stark’s addictive personality will be a central part of Civil War."

*stunned that Marvel remembers this aspect of the character*

Other notes:

--- Phantom Stranger is getting his own Showcase volume! I am giddy with anticipation! For those of you who are new around here, the Phantom Stranger is sweeeeeeeeeet.

--- Matt Fraction's relaunching Punisher: War Journal to get Frank Castle back into the Marvel U...see my comments above on the Punisher. Sigh.

--- Hawkman's not dead OYL, just gone. Or something. It's Hawkman, so God knows what he ends up like when he returns.

Most of the other DC news was either vague non-news (more questions/hype about 52 and OYL that we've had answered a million times) or boring (Damage will not be the new Human Bomb, but there are plans for Damage in the near future...zzzzzzzz).

Reviews, thoughts on the Iron Man press conference, and the X-men post this week, barring some giant meteor hitting the earth.


Blogger Jake said...

Marvel is trying a new Ant-Man and DC has a new Atom. This weekend's "This American Life" repeat was the one about Superpowers where the point is made that shrinking powers always doom a character to failure. If you haven't heard it, that episode is awesome and there's a link to listen to it on Real Audio.

Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters sounds like a trainwreck waiting to happen. First, you have a superstar's kid trying to follow in her father's footsteps, working on his characters, etc. There's a reason Peyton Manning warned New Orleans not to draft him.

Second, are they really promoting it as a chance for Lisa Kirby to work out her daddy issues in the public eye? Maybe I'll do a big vanity project (a la Harvey Jerkwater's Marvelized Seven Soldiers) where I use Blue Beetle, The Question, Speedball, Creeper, Shade, and other Steve Ditko creations to express my feelings about my 12th grade drama teacher refusing to cast me in "Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum." That should be facinating for both my readers.

I just picture a scene with Silver Surfer weeping and pleading to the sky, "Why are you kissing that woman who isn't my mommy? You want me to call her my aunt... but she's NOT MY AUNT!"

10:33 AM  
Blogger Mallet said...

It's called Irredeemable Ant-Man!

Obviously Hank Pym is assuming the role again!

How could you not like that!?

Wait. What? He's not...


Ok then.

10:46 AM  
Blogger Randy said...

We are the Champions, We are the Champions. Maybe that could be the theme song to the series?


6:45 AM  
Blogger kelvingreen said...

Oh gosh, it's all a terrible mess, isn't it? That Kirby thing is going to get crucified, even if we're on one of the parallels where it turns out to be good.

"We'll be drawing the Punisher away from the Marvel Universe, while in a new Punisher series, we'll be bringing him closer to the Marvel Universe." Stupid Marvel.

The only Not Avengers news I wanted to hear from the con was "Brian's leaving and we'll be stopping the crossovers now". Sigh.

3:37 PM  

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