Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I Could Have Saved Fifteen Bucks

But instead, I went and bought five comics. And, after reading them, I now wonder why? Must be my addiction to comics. Could be worse I guess.

Jake- this was my sorry-ass week for books apparently, and looking ahead, I don't have too much hope for next week.
Book Reviews ahoy, and no spoilers. Because that's no fun. Wait, neither were these books. Still, no spoilers.

Worst of the worst:

Seven Soldiers
Mister Miracle #4/4
Forever Flavored Man

Let me start out by saying, and I quote: "This was a heaping pile of bat guano." End quote.
This was an absolute horrid mini. Terrible. I kept hoping that something would improve, as I really don't mind the character.
No improvement. This mini continued to spiral into a morass confusion, nonsensical scenes and an overall story arc that did absolutely nothing. Nothing.
Perhaps I just dont' get Grant Morrison's style. That may very well be. If so, well, I know what not to buy going forward. May he never write a toon that I really like lest I beg calvinpitt to borrow his badger horde to scare Morrison away from the titles I like.
Also, I have no love for Shilo Norman. He is an ass. There is no need for him to be an ass. He hasn't done squat to be an ass.
Overall Rating: 0/5. Seven Soldiers just may not be my bag.

Wildcats:Nemesis #7/9
Hell Is For Heroes

Its a cool looking cover. Too bad the book is just kinda boring. Hey, maybe I should just keep away from the name Morrison. Robbie Morrison writes this one. At least this series is keeping my interest, albeit it is fading with each issue.
I will admit-- the hostages at the end of the book is a sweet ass idea.
Actually, almost all of the covers for this series have been impressive.
This is just a filler issue of the mini/maxi series--- Hey, what is a nine-parter called? Like a mixi series? Or just dumb to have a nine-parter?
So, overall, not much happens. Couple of cheesy one-liners. Some not so detailed or fascinating fighting, lots of snarling and smiling people and well, that's about it.
Overall Rating: 1/5. Really kinda boring. Even the flashback sequence didn't do much for me.

Seven Soldiers
The Water

My third Morrison book in a row. However, I will say this, this is Frankenstein. That alone is cool points. Frankenstein is totally airwolf. So, that is point one for this book. I don't care too much about plot or storyline in this series- its Frankenstein, and that is cool enough.
Point two for this one book--- here is THE EXAMPLE of an animal horde. Keep your polar bears and racoons, the bunnies and squirrels in this book may well scare us all away from furry rodents and mammals forever. They made me laugh my ass off.
And Frankenstein finds an old friend in this one. So more gory, gruesome, silly fighting.
Now this is good old fashioned monster fun. Too bad the Howling Commando's couldn't learn from this one.
However, in the overall arc of Seven Soldies, I have no idea how this book fits in. Then again, I don't care.
Overall Rating: 3/5. I am now scarred, and somewhat disturbed, by small furry rodents and mammals.

Firestorm #23

And that's nice. Ish before, he finds and merges with Stein. And now, not anymore. But quite honestly, that is ok. I love his new partner, and that could turn out to be quite an interesting little matchup.
I am allowed to say it is Firehawk- its in the previews. It looks as though Gehenna plays some part now too. She is not in the book, but mentioned a bit.
His new powers are displayed a bit. Apparently Mr. Terrific is a sponsor of his in some part. And we get to learn a very bad thing about his new partnership, which is actually a nice little tweak, and could provide a few....sparks to say the least.
I liked how it jumped in and what he was doing. Firestorm will be a bit player in this whole 52/OYL gimmick, and I think that is why I may like this book going forward. Very little guessing.
Overall Rating: 3/5. Nice new little touches.

Son of M #4/6
The Gathering Storm

Me saying that this was my best book of the week is like saying your lucky numbers on the chinese fortune cookie will win you a lottery.
I have no book of the week this week. There was nothing outstanding. It was blah.
Pietro has been bad. He has taken sacred stuff to fix mutants. A little too well. And I'm thinking the Inhumans are going to come down and hurt some folk. And it shouldn't be pretty. And, we finally get to see M. And not the James Bond M either. He looks very pissed.
I like Luna. She is actually kinda cool. She dont' know daddy been bad...yet. Did I mention the Inhumans are going to come and hurt some folk. Well, maybe A Folk.
The storyline I will say is going along quite smooth, and was been progressing consistently. Even though slow, this one is not about action. Well, not until the Inhumans come down and hurt some folk.
Overall Rating: 3/5. I am glad I picked this series up. I like the Inhumans, and I really can't tell you why. Perhaps because very few others do?


Blogger Chris said...

"He hasn't done squat to be an ass"

Dude, that is so Grant Morrison talking, right there.

I'm wondering if the Mr. Miracle thing will read any better if I read all 4 issues at once...erm, in a know what I mean.

Looking forward to Frankenstein.

Thank God we're splitting up the OYL titles. Looks like ours are 3 for 3 so far between Detective, Aquaman, and Firestorm.

7:17 PM  
Anonymous fin fang doom said...

I just could not bring myslef to pick up Firestorm, even though I'm giving most of the OYL a try. I don't know what it is about that character.

I liked Son of M, but I thought there was better this week. Invincible, The Pulse (and I usually hate Bendis), Fantastic Four: First Family...

12:51 AM  
Anonymous Raccoonteur said...

Wha--!?! Who doesn't like the Inhumans?!?

8:38 AM  

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