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Late Breaking Reviews

Well, I wouldn't say breaking, but they are late reviews. Hell, better late than never.

Going from worst of the lot, to the best, I am digging right in, and today, in breaking with tradition, and because these are late, there may be spoilers.
Bullet Reviews, except the top 3:

Jonah Hex # 5: Wow, the horrid art dragged me right from the story. Wonderful, classic story. Just don't look at what they call art, and you will enjoy the book.
One out of 5, just for story, but art totally killing a book.

Fallen Angel #3: I want to like this book. Its pretty. I think it has a great developing story. But everyone in the book just pisses me off. If I want that, I can read the news.
Two out of 5.

Red Sonja #7: Filler issue. Different artist. I recommend the artist go away. Apparently filler issues aren't for Sonja. Maybe she's just too epic? Nah, they aren't called sword tales for nothing, and that takes at least 2 books. Apparently.
Two out of 5.

Ultimates 2 # 10: I liked this book. I just didn't care for the first half of who are these foes of the Ultimates. I don't need a who's who of bad guys. Just give me my Thor kicking ass!!! Oh, and I did really like the Tony Stark sequence. He ruled.
Three out 5.

Grimm Fairy Tales #4: These are stories you all have either heard or read. This is Rumpelstiltskin. Its nothing new. But its pretty. And I liked it. Its the short version (not like Red Sonja which needs more in a tale (tail??heheh) than one book) kinda like a Classics Illustrated.
Three out of 5

IC #5: I kinda liked the Nightwing sequence, even though it just seemed out of place. And Nightwing? Still, that's a Bruce protege. The Superman stuff was boring, the Batman stuff was interesting, but I have a bad staple job on this book and so that just throws everything out of kilter for me, when the middle pages just fall out.
Three out of 5

#3 On The List:

X-Factor #4:
Lines in the Sand

What do I like? The character interaction. It totally rules in this book. It gives me a warm quirky feeling to see this in a book. I love Queen Bitch. I love Siryn. I do not care to much for Layla Miller, but this sequence with the assassin and her are top-knotch in this book. It was amazing. That one whole section boosted this book way high on the list to read.
What do I not like? The whole "get out of town police we will control our own part of town" section of the book. Stick with the agency stuff. It really is good. Madrox- I can see myself tiring very quickly of his many-selves-shenanigans.
Mr. Chris, Mr. Jake, I have only you two to blame for reading this fine book. So thank you gents.
Overall Rating: 4/5. The Layla Miller/Assassin sequence just cracked me up.

#2 on the list for the week:

Ms. Marvel #1
Best of the Best

OK, I may be a bit jaded here in the top books, but that is why I get to write these, and not on a panel with Chris. Because he would just laugh at me. And then call me dumb. But, Ms Marvel was a fun read. The art was solid, except for the few sequences where I thought she may go all top-heavy on us and keel over.
Its a nice quick little setup, a little flashback, action, a silly little call for help and a boots comment.
As her publicist says: "Not everyone has the legs for them. You do." Um, I like the boots too. Its my guilty little pleasure. So sue me! =)
It had the wimpy StiltMan as the bad guy, who um, didn't know who Carol was. That was funny.
She calls Cap for a How Do I while following a shiny green thing and he is fighting AIM peeps in South America. Very funny.
And then sets up the next arc very well, with a nasty looking bunch of bad alien thingies. Brood?
But, c'mon Marvel, even though everyone has seen cover #2 on the internet, ya didn't have to show it before the final splash page of who the Brood was. Sheesh!!

Overall Rating: 4/5. I look forward to the series.

Last but not least, my fave book of the week:

Red Sonja Vs. Thulsa Doom #2

Issue #1 had me hoping that they could do better. Ish 1 had Thulsa Doom as a wimp. I really did not like the direction the book was headed. Then I read this one.

Thulsa Doom is not a wimp finally. He shows his strength, his fighting prowess and his mental abilities. Its fairly impressive.

Oh yeah, did I mention Sonja fights Thulsa naked in the water for probably the first half of the book? That had absolutely nothing to do with it being my favorite book of the week. Umm....yeah.

I was disappointed in the last page of the book though- I really wanted one last page for him to reach a decision, or to see how quick of a thinker his sorry ass is.

The artwork is stunning, as usual. (Don't look at my Red Sonja 7 review again though as I didn't like the art.)

Anyways, this book made a huge leap from the shoddy work of 1, to the far superior second book. For that alone I was very impressed.

Oh yeah, and ummm...she was naked, fighting Thulsa in the water, for like the whole first half of the book.

Overall Rating: 4/5. I'll finish this mini off, and continue to be a fan of Sonja, naked or not. Its got good swordplay, or this ish, has good....ummm... hand to hand combat?


Blogger CalvinPitt said...

I agree with you on X-Factor and Ms. Marvel. I had a pretty good time reading both. Ms. Marvel in particular got a number of reactions from me.

I agree that the boots work for her. But I'm with Dave Campbell, there is something about that sash. If that publicist lady tries to make her change the uniform, I will unleash my legions of polar bears and racoons on her!

7:32 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

So, with Grimm Fairy Tales, is it literally just a retelling of the fairy tale? And is this a softened "kids" take on the stories or are they the edgy, dark "original" versions?

And how is it that you somehow manage to buy at least 3 Red Sonja comics a week?

8:08 AM  
Blogger Randy said...

Grimm Fairy Tales:
Its a mix of soft and dark. It starts as a modern tale, and then someone shows up to discuss how it could be worse. Ergo, the fairy tale. I would say that it would be fine for kids to look at, and it is very pretty too.

Red Sonja, 3 a week, hell yeah. Its called: multiple covers. But, you mean they are the same story in them? Hmm..I will have to research that.

As for the Legions of polar bears and racoons, I can fully support turning them loose if needed. May I recommend you turn them loose anyways on Paul Jenkins so they can put Sentry back in the closet, NEVER to be seen again?

8:56 AM  
Blogger CalvinPitt said...

Sorry randy, I only unleash the legions when I want blood to be spilled. Paul Jenkins must live so he can go back to writing a Spider-Man book, so I get at least one good one a month.

I can however, send a few badgers to possibly scare him into getting rid of the Sentry. That blonde doofus really does need to go. I still say they could give him to DC and let him be a part of Alex Luthor's Consortium of Whiny Bitches.

10:00 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

"Alex Luthor's Consortium of Whiny Bitches"

Calvinpitt can have a job on my Marketing Staff any time he wants.

12:25 AM  

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