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Random Thoughts on Marvel's Announcements at NYC Con

2 Guys Buying Comics presents: thoughts on Marvel's first panel at the NYC Con! Because no one demanded it! All info is taken directly from the coverage over at Newsarama, whom I thank. Also, there are exactly no pictures in this post.

"Moving on to Planet Hulk, Quesada turned the floor to Greg Pak, who explained the thrust 14-part storyline, where the Hulk must decide if he will be a hero or a monster on an alien world."

Hmm. Stan Lee creation, Marvel icon, film sequel probably in the works...yeah, I'm putting 50 bucks down on "hero". And because of my innate boredom with the Hulk, I won't be reading any of it.

(Side note: if anyone has any real compelling runs of Hulk that might actually make me interested in the character, I'm not averse to reading them, particularly if I can get them in the Essentials format. And yes, I know PAD's run was legendary, but quite frankly those were the issues I did read --- albeit not all of them---, and they didn't do much for me then. Have they gotten better with age? I'm asking because I don't know. Moving on.)

"A late addition to the panel, Keith Giffen arrived, allowing Quesada to turn back to Annihilation. Giffen said that at the end of the storyline, the Marvel cosmic arena will never be the same."

I can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing. At this point, it seems to be chock full of characters I don't give a damn about. Won't this be like the 375th time they've tried to give Silver Surfer an "edge"?

"Showing preview images of Moon Knight, Quesada reiterated that Charlie Huston and David Finch's version will be “the greatest revisualization of a Marvel character in years."

OK, this I'm onboard with. Plus, Finch's art rocks the house, yo.

"Marvel will shortly launch a Ghost Rider ongoing series, by Daniel Way, Javier Salteres, and Mark Texeira, which will pick up after the Garth Ennis mini-series."

Zzzzzzzzz. Look, I know there's a movie coming out and everything, so this was inevitable. But God help me if I'm going to jump on board with #1. If I hear reports of excellence, I'll give it a shot. Maybe.

The [Last Planet Standing miniseries] will play with the MC2 versions of Marvel's cosmic characters, most importantly Galactus, who takes out a planet, knocks out a galaxy…and then gets vicious from there," Defalco said.

"Joe and I had a discussion, that if Spider-Girl really is coming to an end, we really don't need this Universe anymore."

Is this really a good idea? Why not just keep it around in case someone comes up with a really brilliant idea in a few years (or ten)? I have no particular love for Spider-Girl, but I did read the first digest and thought it was decent comics. But why ace the whole MC2 concept?

Moving on to Ares, Mike Oeming explained how, at its core, it's a father/son story, with a father, who happens to be the God of War, looking for a missing son. "He's supposedly making some appearances in other places…" Oeming added.

"That's what I hear," Quesada added.

"I wonder who would do something with that character," Bendis said.

I suddenly feel really, really sorry for Ares fans. Both of you. (I keed!)

Joking about an upcoming Marvel Superhero Poker Tournament in Dan Slott's The Thing, this was said: "That's great," Quesada added, "We want to get kids hooked on gambling early.

I wonder how much effort it took to restrain himself from finishing the thought, " that when they get disposable income they'll pick up every half-baked crossover tie-in-miniseries-specials on the off chance they'll be relevant."

Asked if Thor was a great hero, or the greatest hero, Brevoort said that the questioner needed to read the upcoming FF Civil War tie in to find out.

Hell yeah, gimme some Thor! Of course, this being Marvel, apparently they find it necessary to kill off two of the Fantastic Four to do it.

[Axel] Alonso said that he has spoken with creator Joe Lansdale – who is contributing to Marvel’s upcoming Western event - about doing Marvel work in the future.

This is unequivocally good news.

Brevoort said that writer Brian K. Vaughan is helming an upcoming new Doctor Strange limited series with art by Marcos Martin, featuring a slightly tweaked version of the costume.

Please god, let it not suck. I once issued a call for a new Doc Strange series that, oddly, was ignored by Marvel. This could be quite excellent. (Wow, that's twice I've subreferenced 2 Guys Buying Comics in three days. I am so full of myself.) And let the costume tweaking include some shoes, for gosh sakes. Enough of the footy pajamas.

When asked, Quesada said that if people want to see less Wolverine, then they should, "Buy Nextwave, and say no to Wolverine. Buy Runaways, and say no to Wolverine."

I haven't read any of season 2 of Runaways, tho I have all of season 1 in digest form, and both my daughter and I loved it. This is Joe Quesada making an intelligent statement. And yes, count me among those who really liked Nextwave.

The Winter Soldier will be back in Captain America by issue #18.

Well, shit. Any bets as to whether the movie script being written currently goes something like, "Cap vs. Red Skull whose henchman is the Winter Soldier"? They're probably spinning it as "something to please longtime Cap fans with enough ties to modern day comics to bring in the new readers!"

"Yes!" was [Tom] Brevoort's answer when asked if Peter Parker has organic webshooters.

Are people still asking this? In seriousness?

I'll have more thoughts here at 2 Guys Buying Comics as news streams forth.


Blogger CalvinPitt said...

Reactions to all that:

1) It's nice they're going to at least do SOMETHING with the Marvel Universe beyond Earth. They had all these cool alien races, and I haven't seen really much of anything with them recently. I gotta figure the Skrulls and Kree and Badoon aren't just sitting around waiting for Infinite Crisis #5 to come out.

Or maybe they are, and they decided to "annihilate" stuff to kill some time.

2)I liked the Ghost Rider mini. I'd be more excited about the ongoing if it was still Ennis/Crain doing it, or at least still Ennis. Way has left me kind of uncertain with his stuff on Wolverine.

3)Since DeFalco seems to be the MC2 Universe, might as well let him decide what to do with it. And this is speaking as someone who reads and generally enjoys Spider-Girl. I really wish they wouldn't cancel that book though.

4) Quesada could just, you know, not put Wolverine in so many goddamn books. He doesn't have to try and bargain with us. "if Nextwave sells 50,000 copies, we'll take Wolverine out of New Avengers."

5)Well, I was wondering about Spidey's webshooters, but that was only because Marvel decided he should have huge stingers erupt from his skin in the same place the webshooters were. Seems like those would interfere with webshooting.

10:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I Like Ares T_T. Please don't let Bendis Touch him, he's too cool for Bendis.

* Throws Bendis at Black Panther * There, he can't do anymore damage on this title!

--Captain Pollo

12:34 AM  
Blogger Chris said...


*blink blink*

Actually, I would pay good money to see Bendis take over Black Panther. It plays to his strengths: single character focus, shady organizational maneuvering, character desperately in need of revitalizing thanks to the current writer, doesn't think a lot of other heroes, character with outsized ego.

Yeah, I can actually see that. At least, I can see that if it gets him the hell off of the Avengers.

(Oh my God. I think I just made the case for Bendis taking over Iron Man, too. I will now light myself on fire.)

3:10 AM  
Blogger Jake said...

I have to give credit to Quesada for putting the Wolverine statement out there. The bottom line is what matters and he's basically admitting "Wolverine sells, whether it's good or not. Other good books don't sell and thus have to be cancelled." The statement has a two-fold meaning.
A) If you want more variety, buy more variety.
B) If you want better Wolverine stories, quit buying all 15 Wolverine-related titles they crap out each month.

(Hmm... I might have some fodder for a Punisher-themed post on this.)

As much as I hated... goddamn HATED Nextwave, I have to give Marvel credit for trying something different. The idea isn't bad (put some C-list characters together on a team, give it a humorous edge, and develop them more than they otherwise would in a supporting role somewhere else or in a more serious book); it worked for Peter David's X-Factor.

Ellis's execution of said idea, however, is trash.

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Kurt said...

Nice job, Chris. I had a Marvel panel post dialed in and it’s scary how similar it is to yours. Now I’ll just have to post something like, “What he said,” and link it here.

One other thing that was odd to me was why in the world Marvel would feel compelled to restart Young Avengers. The title is like twenty minutes old.

9:42 PM  
Blogger ego_maniac said...

Nice review.......

Ive been to the wizard con,,never really like the marvel panel, compared to the DC panel

1:06 PM  
Blogger kelvingreen said...

Oh god. They're going to make Ares a Not Avenger, aren't they?


Now what Quesada's saying about Runaways is all well and good, but it's a bit meaningless if you're going to put Wolverine in Runaways, isn't it? I'm getting really sick of JQ's nonsense.

And Daniel Way is one of thhose middling writers that Marvel are utterly convinced are superstars, so expect him everywhere.

Marvel are rebooting Young Avengers? Already? Whu?

2:01 PM  
Blogger Spencer Carnage said...

They're rebooting it with younger versions of the New Avengers. For the first time ever, The New Young Avengers now starring...

Spider-Girl IV!
Underage Drinking Iron Lad!
Lil' Wolvie!
The little baby from Nomad wearing a star spangled diaper!
Batgirl wearing a suit that makes her look like a dude!


4:48 PM  
Anonymous Adrian said...

Yes, Wolverine was in Runaways, but he got his ass kicked by a 12-year-old girl. That's probably the best thing that has been done with the character in the last 20 years.

7:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think on the Hulk front, if you just buy the Essentials you'll be fine.

4:17 AM  

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