Thursday, February 16, 2006

Firestorm Review

Firestorm #22
Building a Better Firestorm- Book two: Lost and Found

This was a slowdown pace for Firestorm, much like last issue. But that is ok. There is consistently good dialogue between the Stein and Jason, after Stein agrees to be a permanent re-merger to Firestorm. The juvenility of Jason really shows when listening to geeky Stein.

Stein also talks alot about Ronald, the orginal one half of Firestorm. That was key in this issue, as the two actually take pieces of what made up Firestorm, and either take it or leave it out, and take it in as how Stein feels it should be. Much of this is based on whether Ronald liked it or not. I mean, they even discuss the flaming hair as a yeah or nay. Apparently Stein is a a point.

The art in the book was comfortable. It does not dazzle you with pretty heroes or luscious backdrops. It focuses on Jason and the Head of Stein, just two people (currently.) head, one person. Its functional, easy and just right for the book.

I am very high on the Firestorm book. Each book has been a pleasant read and not every page or ish has an "earth shattering moment" like half of the other books do. It really revolves around the central character, and stays pretty true to that. After all, Firestorm is a pretty potent hero, and not at all overused. If anything, I'd say he is much like Captain Marvel and far under-used in the DC universe.

Going forward, it is going to be a fun book. I don't see a lot of changes in store for Firestorm OYL, and I hope that is true. I mean, the one big event thing I could see happening is Jason gets a girlfriend or something. Otherwise, I see Firestorm just plugging along in a pretty good book.

Overall Rating: 4/5. Its slower than I normally like, but it makes sense to be slow for what they are doing, which is "forming" the hero.


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