Tuesday, February 14, 2006

$80 Worth of Reviews

I spent $80 on comics on my return from India. Three weeks worth. I read them all in one night. They were mostly good. Some were...eh. Others were, wow, bad.
But rather than have a full scroll down page on full blown reviews, how about just some quick snippets. And no pictures either.

First, the good stuff.

JSA #82: It was fun. It had Jim Craddock. He is kinda cool. It didn't have much else though. IC xover? Um, ok. Not really. The Gentleman Ghost. Fun to see.

Daredevil #81: An excellent sendoff to Brubaker. What do you bet he gets busted out in the whole Civil War thingie though? I may even pick up the ongoing Spiderwoman series- Bendis is hyping it as a spy thingie type book, and I like those.

New Avengers #15: I liked the whole Ms. Marvel portion. Great writing between her and Cap. I look forward to the day the Avengers actually return though. Fuckin' Sentry.

Black Widow #5/6: I really love the art in this book. Its so chaotic and rugged, but damn it does this book well. Probably the slowest book in the series so far, but the art kept me going.

Red Sonja #5: The full page scenes are simply incredible. The art is fantastic. I am so glad Chris only got me one of these though, and not 4 covers. I only need one cover each release.

Supergirl #4: Laugh at me all you want. I enjoyed this book a lot. It has Luthor in his armor suit, it has multiple JLA'ers (losing), and lots of action. However, the books through issue 4 just seem to wallow around, not sure where it is going. I look forward to Rucka taking over though- he writes really good stuff when not forced to write outside his storyline (see Sacrifice series and IC stuff.) His Gotham City Central and Wonder Woman books were really good tales when he could continue in continuity.

Wonder Woman #225: Very slow book, very little action, but I was impressed with the storytelling. The last scene of her leaving the embassy can lead to no good end methinks. Well, good end, but I see a demise coming soon.

Catwoman #51: Wow. This was great. This ish has some history in it which in the end was pretty powerful. And it had Bruce Wayne. I so want this book to continue.

Jonah Hex #4: Still a good western tale. Chris has an extensive review that I totally agree with. I still love the panelled story art though.

Necromancer #4: I like the story telling. I still wish I could see more of the learning of her craft though, not just snippets.

Books of Doom #3: I think this is my book of the three weeks. This continues to impress. Soon it will lead into Latveria dominion and armor and sorcery full swing. This is a great series that if anyone really liked Doom, try it out. I got the short version of this years ago in a Doom/Strange graphic, and I was fascinated by the sorcery and tech combo. This series will get there shortly, and I am enjoying the background on Doom.

Wildcats Nemesis #6/9: The Sherlock Holmes flashback is a hoot. (The last ish had a western flashback which was also quite fun.) I live the cover too.

Son of M #3/6: I'm not sure what to really think of this series. The way it is going, it could have some game changing things in it. Otherwise, I just like the Inhumans, so I am swayed in the positive direction. I could care less about Pietro anymore though. He is such a great antagonist.

Red Sonja Goes East: I really like the ending to this book. And the super monks. It was fun.

Franklin Richards Son of a Genius #1: I laughed alot. Very Calvin/Hobbes-ish.

Buckaroo Banzai #0 Preview: Story great. Art black and white. That turned me off some. I'll still give it a go.

And now, the not so good stuff.

Red Sonja vs. Thulsa Doom #1: The art was gorgeous. I just don't think they made Thulsa out to be the bad ass he is supposed to be. That was a little disappointing.

Sgt Rock, The Prophecy #1/6: The writing was ok. I liked that it was basic, in a war comic there shouldn't be alot of talking. At least on the battlefield. But the art, oh my, I was expecting a lot more from the art. Granted, once again, a war comic, supposed to be gritty and all that, but still...

X-men #181 & 182: I really need to stop buying these. Though the Apocalypse storyline has potential.

Fallen Angel #2: Would reading the previous short series help in my understanding of this book? I think I am starting to get the gist of it, I'm not sure. Its very pretty though, but I like to know kinda what the setting is.

New Excalibur #4: I only bought this because Former Avenger Lionheart is in it. Wasn't worth it. Unless she gets to be on the team. Though the Warwolves are kinda cool.

Ares #2: Just seemed to kind of wimper along. Maybe next ish?

Teen Titans #32: I was expecting this to be Superboy vs. The Titans. It was. Just the fucking rehash of the IC #4 fight. That really pisses me off. Fuck you DC and your shit advertising.

JLA #125: IT'S OVER!! FINALLY. That just sucked ass. Goodbye. Hell, I would SOOO much rather read the JLI stuff under Giffen/Demattis(?) than this pile of crap.

Bulleteer #3/4: I tried to like this series. I kinda think that this is the most worthless of the Seven, but man, I soo want Shilo Norman to die. I can't stand him. The superhero convention was quite funny to read though.

That's it. Not too bad, no big secrets given out. That my friends, is $80 worth of comics. I probably have only spent $60, but oh well, it could be worse stuff than comics.


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Teen Titans #32

This issue really pissed me off.
It was like a clone of IC #4 :(

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