Tuesday, February 07, 2006


News and notes from around the comicsblogoweb:

First off a much-belated thanks to the Redhead Fangirl for chartering the Comic Blog Legion. Soon becoming a one-stop shop for your comic bloggin' needs!

For all you Aquaman-lovin' folks, Laura Gjovaag posts an interview from the Omaha Herald with Paul Norris, the creator of ol' Green Pants himself.

Greg over at Comics Should Be Good (who I'm convinced has the power to siphon thoughts and opinions directly from my synapses --- I agree with him on damn near everything) absolutely nails why the Public Enemies arc from Superman/Batman wasn't good.

Harvey Jerkwater has declared this week Groo Week!

Franny posts an eloquent critique of the Comics-As-Literature school of thought. Great points on collaboration, elitist comics pros, and with lines like: "Collaboration is the bread and butter of the low, mean, my-god-joe-the-teeth, Kryptonite, radioactive platinum, silver Spear of Longinus, Seduction of the Golden Innocent comics that I love", I couldn't help but raise a cheer in agreement! Do yourself a favor and read the comments for it, too, where the discussion continues.

Ragnell explains why G'Nort is the smartest of all Green Lanterns. God help us.

Mike San Giacomo got his hands on the Ultimate Avengers animated movie, and has positive things to say. I'm heartened by the fact that this supposedly diverges from the story told in Ultimates season 1 --- not that season 1 was bad, but I want new stories.

And finally, Devon valiantly tries to muster a defense of Chuck Austen over at Seven Hells! The evidence thus far is sketchy at best. (Although U.S. War Machine was better than people think.)


Blogger Greg said...

Thank you for the props - and guess what? I also think U.S. War Machine is one of the few things by Austen worth reading.

7:30 AM  
Blogger redlib said...

Thanx from one fangirl to 2 Guys! You get a Dewey Decimal gold star for promoting the Comic Blog Legion.

9:39 PM  
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