Monday, February 20, 2006

Buy Pile For Feb 22

Eek. Short List. You know what that means- I end up buying something new, and hope it doesn't end up crap.

Only six books this week on the definite pile:

Catwoman #52 -- If not this one, the next one goes OYL. And I"m liking the story, the writer, and the art, so I will keep this one going.

Supergirl #5 -- Eek- why is this book $3.99??? If there aren't naked pictures of Bea Arthur, I'm gunna be really damned quirked at that price tag.

Warlord #1 -- I gots to take a crack at it at least. Conan good. Red Sonja good. Crossing fingers Travis M. and company will be a good book.

Wonder Woman #226 -- End of an era. What is that I smell? Ashes to ashes, dust to dust? If she dies, it better be good. Not with a whimper like Alpha Flight in the Not Avengers.

Wraithborn #5 of 6 -- Its ok. So I'll finish it out.

Black Widow 2 #6 of 6 -- Noooo. I don't want this one to end. Bill S. needs to do more books. Here's to hoping he can get some shots at the new Moon Knight.

Books to take a gamble on?:

Astonishing Xmen #13 -- Its Whedon. Can be absurd, but can be a great storyteller too.

Xmen #183 -- I swore to stop buying this. Could this finally be the week?

And on a side note--
Can anyone tell me why Marvel is still publishing the crap called Black Panther? That Hudlin dude single handedly killed Spidey's "The Other" story. They cancelled the Howling Commando's, yet keep this? Marvel, Joe Q, Head, pull out. Smell the clean air.
I'd rather pick up Scooby Doo Surfs Up for seven bucks. Man that Panther is just a bad bad bad book. I sing the praises of the Not Avengers and ASSBAR compared to the heaping pile of doggie doo doo now known as Black Panther.

Hey wait. Single hero. Not suped up powers. Hey, Bendis, take the BP. You can't do any worse.

Thanks all
Have a lovely day.


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