Friday, February 17, 2006

Reviews for New Buys

Hello all

I went out on a limb, albeit a fairly sturdy one, and tried a couple of books that are not normally in the buy pile. Well, one is a mini, so of course that won't be there. Without further ado, let me introduce:

XMen Apocalypse vs. Dracula
Pt. 1/4

I bought into the hype. It sounded fun. Entertaining.

Boy, was I wrong. This book should be buried in Dracula's dirt and never recovered. And looking back, after I bought it, why oh why did I buy this? Even the title should have forewarned me that this was going to be silly. Maybe I have malaria? Maybe I should go get it if I keep this up. That way I can blame something other than just me.

Anyways, yeah. Bad. Boring. The only part that had any redeeming quality was some of the scenes of cops on streets back in old London. But that part was so short. Was not able to redeem the rest of the book.

It was just kind of silly. Secret societies. No main characters until the last page, last panel. And in the start, it goes over the Vlad history. Its very red. Then there is that all red Nike ad. I got confused because the colors just seemed to fade into one another. Then I saw the Nike logo. Bad ad placement peeps. Was real good if you are an Ad Person though.

I had no interest in this story after about page 10. I have no interest in buying any more in this series. Its just silly.

Overall rating: 1/5. And that's just because some of the London shots with cops were interesting. And there will be no more purchases of this Limited by myself.

Birds of Prey #91

At least this book was far more redeeming than the book above. This had a well used tale of doing right for a bad bad person. As in donating organs to save a criminals life. Do you? Don't you? Birds of Prey get mixed up in this debate, albeit much more physically than a typical debate. And it has Huntress, my fave of all the Birds, as the main protagonist.
I read the book a bit when Simone was first into the series, and it was good. This chapter has guest team on it, no Simone or other regular artists. So, its a one shot story. Excellent.
And it was good. Why? Royal Flush Gang. Well, part of them. Tell me they aren't fun? I'd much much much rather see them pop up randomly in everyones books as opposed to the OMAC's who will be making appearances I am sure for like the next five years when a story runs out of steam. "Hey, I know, why doesn't some toaster make a funny noise, and bang, Doris the Housewife turns into an OMAC and its up to all the Outsiders to bring it down before it tears apart downtown Akron. By then, maybe we can come up with an unoriginal storyline to redo." I remember the Royal Flush gang in like every book DC did (Arion the sorcerer? anyone, anyone? k, just kidding) but they were very memorable in JLI #3, which was Booster Gold intro methinks.
Good story, strong dialogue, manageable art, good characters. Well, Lady Blackhawk may be a bit over the top, but hell, since OYL is next up, its open season.

Overall: 3/5. Good solid book. I enjoyed it.


Blogger kelvingreen said...

Yeah, I was quite enthusiastic about Apocalypse Versus Dracula myself. I hope I didn't encourage anyone to buy it, because it is, as you say, a festering pile of diseased faeces.

10:41 AM  
Blogger Randy said...

No worries, I suckered myself into it. I"ll not be buying the remaining issues.

11:15 AM  

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