Friday, March 10, 2006

Random Friday Thoughts

Its Friday. I"m tired. Damn cable modems. Every time I have to unhook it to rearrange crap, it stops working for like a day.
Lesson: I need to be lazier and stop moving crap.

So, I have some random thoughts just to toss about out there, in honour of a two hour chunk of time that I have to spare at work.

1. Moon Knight is my all time favorite toon. Probably because this is the first ever book I started getting consistently. Dark tales. Fun art. Now, I was perusing Newsarama, as filler for another hour at work I think Wednesday, and found a forum about Batman vs. Moon Knight, er, rather, how MK is a copy of Batman. Apparently many persons who use the forums at Newsarama are belligerent children who are just hiding there innermost demons by acting like dumbasses. Most of them. Not all. I will not delve into that topic. Because its silly talk.

I am highly looking foward to the new series. I was out of comics for about 12 years. I missed the entire Marc Spector:Moon Knight series. I picked up a few. They were not too bad, but stop making him a super hero. Let him play in his realm. Doom armor. Silly. Stain Glass Scarlet- excellent.
I have never read Huston. He seems real excited about it. And, I like Finch's art. I hear complaints how its cardboard, how everyone looks the same. Maybe, but damn, everyone sure as hell does look good. Just about everyone (note- not everyone) is drawing women way overboard- must be that whole male hormone/testosterone thing- so anyone ever using that as a complaint about him- tell them to piss off. Wait, Amanda Conner did the same thing in JSA Classified with Power Girl. Hmmm....maybe just deciding what their major demographic wants? Sigh.

2. I saw the previews of the Illuminati book. You know what- I thought this to be a decent idea. I was going to give it a chance. AND then, I saw that they were having the super B-LEAGUER Black Panther hosting their big meeting. Including a -quite honestly- bit player in this type of setting is just plain fucking silly. Farmhouse in Nebraska? A decrepid gold mine in Eastern Alberta? Some screwed up N-Zone space that Richards could put them in? Or Strange for that matter. I would think those places would draw far less attention, and not require a minor little bit player in the grand scheme of things. Highly disappointed. This alone may dissuade me from purchasing this book. I can be petty. I'll admit to it.

97. I am very much looking forward to the return of Thor. Prediction: He ends the upcoming Civil War. Once and for all. Cuz that's what he does.

74. X-men III trailer- I'm excited.

5. And with great anticipation, Ronin is coming back to the Not Avengers. Yay. They still suck.

108. I have no desire to get some book called Mouse Guard. Save me the hype please.

544. Would the movie Elektra have been good with Milla and an R-rating? Yep. Had to go there, sorry. I like Elektra as a character- second behind Moon Knight.

64. IC has just dragged on to long. I find myself bored with it, even though the series is pretty dang good. I"m just not caring what actually happens anymore. Especially with the OYL books already rolling out.

8.54 I picked out some of my early Avengers to read last night. That was very pleasant. Unlike the Not Avengers. Busiek got it. Hell, even Austen got it. Sigh...BMB. Please go away to SpiderWoman.

4. I would love to see the original Battlestar Galactica come back to the comicfold- not the new one. I need me some glowie red eyes.

3.1415926535897932384626433832795 All motivation has left me. Have a great weekend.


Blogger Jake said...

My theory: everyone predicted Ronin was really Daredevil, but it wasn't. Now, Daredevil will bust out of prison and don the Ronin costume.

9:32 AM  
Blogger CalvinPitt said...

Regarding Illuminati: Not that I really care, but the inclusion of the Black Panther is probably supposed to represent the place he's meant to hold on Marvel Earth.

Smart as Reed Richards, can go toe-to-toe with Captain America, king of the most technologically advanced nation on Earth, with a special metal everyone wants. By all rights, he SHOULD be a major player, it just never seems to happen that way.

1:50 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Buy Mouse Guard! Bwah-ha-ha-ha: you can't stop me!

(Okay, you could delete the comment. But that would be mean.)

7:44 PM  
Anonymous van Doom said...

Being from Nebraska, I can say conclusively that no one would notice. I could even recommend some good barns.

7:49 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

2. Illumisucki This preview turned me off when I began reading what sounded like a writing exercise on the part of Bendis. It reads like he is Iron Man generating arguments for the different aspects of the groups' adventures and upcoming Civil War.

97. Thor I disagree because it would seem as if he is making his entrance far too early in the story.

8.54 Austen Avengers I've been buying the "Lionheart of Avalon" story from Austen's run. Love Coipel's artwork.

3:59 PM  

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