Monday, November 07, 2005

Wonder-ful Day

Not really. Been ill for like 6 days now. Damn cold. Very grumpy, but at least I have no reason to bash todays comic in review.

Wonder Woman #222
Blood Debt

The brief skinny- the Cheetah portions are simply filler. Who cares, very blah. The American Fleet, Diana turning herself into The Hague, and the Amazons of Themyscira, now that is a story. The last panel- I"m very very excited for the next ish. It is going to be good, and I'm not expecting a letdown.

Sure, we get a brief origin on The Cheetah. At least an entire ish was not spent on it, so in that regard it was good. On the other hand, I didnt' care. I was far more interested in the rest of the book. I like seeing the other Amazons having more in the book than just "red-shirted Star Trek security personnel", because we all know what happens to them. Although, I don't want them to do an offshoot book, like Baldur or the Three Warriors, because they are still better off as accompanying characters.

Why do I read Wonder Woman? Its not for the skimpiness of a female hero. I can get that anywhere else I turn. (See Witchblade, Powergirl, et al.) My educational background is in Roman and Greek culture, so I enjoy seeing how writers today try to fraternize the greek world with the modern world. Let me tell you how much fun it is seeing an Amazon in this book wearing a sidearm. It made me giggle. And then realize how cool it looked.

But then there were the last two pages. I got goosebumps just now looking at the last page again. Wow. Rucka won't let me down, I know he won't. This is his book, not something DC more or less forced him to write, so I know that he will right this one. And I can't wait to get there.

Does anyone else have this feeling that Diana will be dying in the Crisis, and Donna takes her place as Wonder Woman? I'm really starting to lean that way. Or would that be too easy of a resolution between her, Supes & Bats? I mean heck, she was crafted from clay.

Overall, 3/5. Too much origin, but still ok. The rest of the book was grand. Onto #223 please!


Blogger kelvingreen said...

Warriors Three, I think you'll find. :)

Speaking of which, Walt Simonson already did the mythical beings with modern firearms thing in his Thor run in the 80's. Norse warriors with M16s it was back then.

4:21 PM  
Anonymous aya ayuvara said...

Indeed, I have heard this theory before: The current Wonder Woman will die and another one will take her place.

I think it would be sad. Yes, Wonder Woman has crossed a border lately, but I think this makes the character so much more interesting. sometimes there simply is not good and bad, but more difficult choices be made between bad and worse.
And heroes have to deal with these choices. It's part of the hero-thing. Still I fear you are right... sadly.

4:43 AM  
Blogger kelvingreen said...

Yeah, I think we're going to get "Star Trek plotting"; DC have put Wonder Woman in a difficult (and interesting) position, but rather than work a way out of it (or, you know, build on it), they'll probably just sidestep the issue and kill her off.

I hope that they don't, and that they instead tell some good stories about her and her new position among her comrades.

All that said, there's a big Wonder Woman movie coming up, and I don't see DC killing her off with that on the horizon. Unless the movie version isn't Diana...

5:07 PM  
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