Friday, November 04, 2005

Western Roundup Friday

Its better to have Aloha Friday, but there are no Hawaiian comics that I am aware of. So, I'm gunna have to just do the Western thing.

Jonah Hex #1
Giving The Devil His Due

All I wanted was a nice little western comic. Jonah Hex. Kid Colt. Those were just simple fun little stories to read. I liked them as a kid. I like watching westerns now. And, I like Jonah Hex #1. I enjoyed the story. It was a nice little tale. I miss Westerns. It made me want to keep reading to see what was going to happen next. I've decided Jonah isn't a very nice man to bad people. Then again, he never really was and that continues in this new series.

I liked the art. Simple. Clear. Nice to see just everyday typical, albeit historical, humans being drawn. No one with muscles that poke into the sun. No laser beams from their eyes. Humans. Old costumes and they were drawn great. Six shooters. Tomahawk. And not the missile. Man it was nice to read some good old fashioned fun. A couple of the shots of Jonah were VERY Clint Eastwood. I'm ok with that. I like Clint. I mean, looking at half the face, I knew it was Clint. The other half. Eh..

The fighters were a bit on the silly side, but bah, it was easy to overlook it. Added a bit of action. I'm sure this is still done out there somewhere. Its nasty sounding, but oh well, its a culture thing.

I'm glad to see that there are people out there who can still script a story, and put it to comic form. Is it earth shattering? Nope. Will it break the internet? Nope.

Overall: 4/5. A story. A tale. Whatever you want to call it. And I loved the chapter breakdowns. Pick it up. Enjoy the tale. It wont' surprise you, its not a cliffhanger ending. Once again, a good tale.