Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I'm Baaaaaaaack!

Hey howdy all, and thanks for putting up with the non-updates. I hope the last two weeks haven't scared anyone away from 2 Guys Buying Comics. The good news is that the family and I are pretty much moved in to the new joint at this point, finally. I hate moving.

Anyway, thought I'd ease back into the whole blogging ritual with some bullet point posts about comics I've read over the last two weeks, outdated tho the opinions may be. Read on, and Beware of Massive Spoilers!

  • Infinite Crisis #1: OK, this was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Things I liked included the whole Batman/Superman/WW scene at the Watchtower and the art. Mmmm, the art. Things I didn't like included the gratuitous plot hammers showing us the tie-in effects from each of the four miniseries and the destruction of the Freedom Fighters, although I'm not going to sit here and pretend that Uncle Sam was the Best Character Ever and Damn You DC For Killing Him, because let's face it --- the heroes on the Freedom Fighters team? Pretty much lame, with the possible exception of the Human Bomb. Oh, and if I hear them referred to as Freedom Force one more time, I will scream. Good stuff overall, with a sufficiently intriguing ending, although as I claimed in an earlier post, damned if I'm going to go back and sort out COIE, Zero Hour, and all those other Continuity Balls Of Yarn to figure out the full significance of those Golden Age/Earth Whatever folks returning. Besides, Devon over at Seven Hells explains things as far I need to know.
  • Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #2: OK, this is still hitting my fanboy buttons. The art gets a little weird here in places, though, and unfortunately every time the Rann-Thanagar Plot Device appears, things grind to a halt. We did get Mogo, the living Green Lantern Planet, though, so that's cool. Nice little semi-advancement of the plot overall, without too much Infinite Crisis nonsense. Well done. (Although the art is still unexplainably iffy here.)
  • Iron Ghost #4: Well, they fooled me. My leading candidate for the Iron Ghost is pretty definitively proved to not be IG, and the mystery deepens. We also get the inevitable Nazi torture sequence that's guaranteed to show up in damn near any comic set in WW2 Germany, and it's suitably skeevy. I am enjoying this miniseries to no end. Highly recommended.
  • Conan #21: I'm liking this mini-arc, as it's essentially Conan pulling a smash-and-grab on an impregnable tower of an all-powerful sorcerer, but screw that. All you need to know about this issue is that master thief gets whacked and the entire last half is one big fight between Conan and a Giant Spider of Doom, which, you know, Giant Spiders of Doom are money. Always. It's a rule. Good comic.
  • Seven Soldiers: Klarion #4: Um, OK. So Melmoth --- ex-husband of evil Sheeda queen--- follows Klarion back down to Witchville, makes several references as to how he's going to kill all the men and rape all the women, Klarion turns into a demon and kills Melmoth's SWAT team, and...huh? Weak, man. Weak ending to an otherwise creepy series. Frazer Irving's art still rocks the houseboat, though.
  • Justice #2: Honestly, I don't know if I have the patience to not wait for the trade on this one. Two months between issues is a lot to ask, and this is coming from an Iron Man reader! But whereas my deep and abiding love for Tony Stark keeps me buying IM comics despite the schedule, I'm not sure that this Superfriends Writ Large take justifies the attention span. Yes, the art is good. And the issue-by-issue focus is both good and bad. Good in the sense that if it's a character you like, then you'll probably like the issue. Bad, because if Justice #8 features, say, Apache Chief, then...you know. This issue, Batman chases Riddler. Riddler gets caught and apparently tries to strangle himself. There's some interesting things going on with the villains, though, and an absolute money scene at the end with Braniac and a captive Aquaman that actually makes me afraid of Braniac.

OK, I feel better now. Not so nervous any more---and I didn't even have to resort to linkblogging! Yay! I'm home!


Blogger kelvingreen said...

I love the Green-Lantern-who-is-a-planet! One of Alan Moore's creations, as I remember, back when he was writing the backups in Tales of the Green Lantern Corps as if they were 2000ad stories, further proving my point that Tooth is the natural home for the Corps.

I mean, who other than Moore would come up with a planet as a Green Lantern? Totally Airwolf.

Good to have you back, sir!

11:22 AM  
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