Sunday, October 16, 2005

Disappearing Act No More

Well, at least not today. It's been a long time. I have no excuses. I just suck. At least I can admit it.
I have some reviews now though. And here they are. Sans spoilers.

Firestorm #18
The Omac Project Tie-In

Well, I guess every issue has to have one of these. I can't wait for Jonah Hex: Omac Project Tie-In. That would just be super. Fine, I'm kidding on that. The Jonah Hex part.

I like Firestorm. Its just a good little book that tells a good story each month. Granted, I did not start picking it up until issue 13-ish, but at least I have enjoyed it since then. Is it going to knock your socks off? No. Will it at least keep you entertained? Yes. This one is no different.

The only "beef" I may have is that this reminds me of a young Peter Parker, and letting Connors, et al, prod and poke him to discover who he is. Firestorm has been consistent in this, using STAR labs to do so. At least Firestorm packs a lot more punch if something were to...happen. I"ll leave it at that. So this may seem a rehash of sorts: young hero little lost, doesn't know way, seeks help, people go after him for no reason, etc. But its ok, because we really haven't seen this in years.

Also, the Pionic man is funny in this one. Yes, he makes an appearance of sorts.

The art- its low key. It is not overpowering or too weak. Once again, it just fits in with the story well. I can appreciate that.

Rating:4/5: It entertains me. Its not earth-shattering. Try a couple issues.

JLA #120
Requiem for a League

Can you say boring? I can. And that is what I received with issue 120. Wow, lets just beat this dead horse down some. They should remove "pretty shiny paper" from JLA and give it to Firestorm. Its just going to waste here. At this point, I really dont' give a damn about anyone here. Tired to death of all of them. And PlasticMan- waste of paper. Captain Marvel is on the cover prominently, but in I think one panel in the book. Yeah, bad book. No plot value. Ooo, we find out what happens to J'onn. Do we need to? No. Save it. No value.
Simply put, what a dog.

Overall rating: 0/5. I expect far more from this title. This was just terrible. I'm tempted to pull it from my buy list.

Infinite Crisis #1 of 7

For this post, if you want any of my theories or such, check out other blogs or forums. Or check back another time for that. This is only a review. And, I liked it. I loved the dark atmosphere between Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. I am interested in the Donna Troy arc of the story. Alright, alright, and the "Big 3" too. Will there be some deaths? Yup, we see some in this book. And I'm fine with that. Lets get some quality heroes finally, and enough of the "bring 'em out of the woodwork" type hero.

The art is impressive. Of course, one would expect that from Jimenez. The one big splash page of the villians was extremely well done.

Even other heroes here are discussing the impact of Wonder Woman from the Sacrifice series. Its a good continuing plot line, and its not overdone.

Overall: 4/5. It is really good. The ending left me going ok... But then I read some forums, and it makes sense to me, so really it could be 5/5, but I'm leaving it at 4. Maybe 4.5?

Fables #42
Broken English [Ch.1 of Arabian Nights (and Days)]

I took a flyer out on this one. And I enjoyed it. Is the art stunning, nope. But it tells a great story. And this is the first one that I read, and even though I was a bit lost for some of it, I had fun reading it.
The convesations between the two "cultures" was very realistic, and situations that I have run into. I think the term I am looking for is engaging.
The cover is beautifully done. I may check into some of the back issues to see if it is more of the same, as I may pick them up too.

Overall: 3/5. Worth trying. Little lost, but that's what I get for picking up a book for the first time at issue 42. At least I picked it up on a chapter 1.

Wildcats: Nemesis #2/9

I have no idea why I picked this book up. Because I could? I know nothing of the background. So, some background is built into the comic as a secondary story. OK. Do I get wanton violence? Yep. Do I get to see people kicking ass, and vice versa? Yep. Is there a story to follow? Its building.
So, I guess I"m ok with it. Once again, nothing outstanding and its not the best of reads, but I want to give it a chance, and I don't know why.
I don't care for the art all that much though. I don't do anime, and I am seeing a lot of that here. Especially facial expressions.

Overall: 2/5. Should really pick up the pace in issue 3.

And now I'm hungry. So Marvel and Indies will have to wait til next time. It will be sooner than later too.


Anonymous Kurt said...

If you have a chance, pick up Fables in TPB from the beginning. It's a pretty darn good story. Very engaging. I would imagine it's fairly confusing jumping in late like this.

8:40 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

I agree with Kurt. Fables is, page for page, consistently the best comic that comes out. The art is always great and the book actually changes. Most of the main players right now started out as background characters in the early issues, while many of the series' main characters have gone their separate way.

Just a great comic that gets better every month.

9:07 AM  
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