Friday, September 23, 2005

I Bought a Title That Glows In The Dark

Lo and behold, I found more books, more current books, to give some input to the masses out there. And, one really does glow in the dark. I'll save that review for last.
Movie of choice for this series of reviews: the classic, and no sequel could compare: Iron Eagle. Its totally Airwolf.
As always, I will keep these as spoiler free as I see fit. If you want spoilers, geesh, see Chris' reviews. He likes to give away the farm. Some more Big Al for ya Chris?

Ultimate Fantastic Four #23
Crossover Part 3/3

So, I had ten books to go thru this week. And you know how we all put our comics in a certain order that we want to read? OK, so sometimes I just cover my eyes and pick them at random, but I had to stop that after...well, I won't go into that right now. Anyways, I put this book just before the Avengers and Ultimates, which are two of my favorite books. I should have put this, accompanied by the UFF Annual, on the bottom of the read pile. This book is probably my favorite book out there right now. I loved it. I still do. I mean, after a couple more reads.
Zombies- always a good thing. (Chris agrees, because they are not suddenly going from 17th century deep sea living to movie producer type thingy. Sea of Red, you suck ass.) And I understand there will be a series out next summer on Zombie Heroes From the Fifth Dimension. I'll check it. But that's my title dammit. They can't use it unless...well, they want to.
So anyways, we get Reed in the 5th Dimension, the zombie FF in the Ultimate world, and things need to be righted. Well, I'll just say they get righted. And oh my, do we finally get some FF action. And, I'm gunna tell ya now, Thing Vs. Hulk. 'Nuff said. All works out in the end, we get a little suspense, non-action-wise, at the end, and we all get to look forward to Tomb of Namor, which sounds quite interesting as we get another character introduced into the Ultimate Universe. We all know that Namor is not dead. Its kind of like we all know no one can stay dead in the Mavel universe.
And, this art and this story are really really good. I don't think anyone out there will say that Millar can't write a book and Land can't draw it. These two are impressive.
I have only one negative thing to say, and its not really all that negative. Reed is a pussy.
I like how Sue basically takes over the show in this book.

Overall: I am giving this a 5/5. I will be requesting my LCBS add this to my buy list. Its fun, it has action, it has bantering and it has well, zombies to boot.

Pause: I wish I had Jason Gedrick's 80's hair- its so Airwolf.

Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #1

Need I continue my diatribe into UFF? I read this after the regular UFF, and it was JUST as good. We get introduced to the Ultimate Inhumans. The Inhumans were an interesting bunch, and never really overused way back when, and I think that is why I like to read about them. I really like the Avengers when Crystal was an active member, roughly the late 300's. They remind me of the New Gods in DC. Never overused, but when they show up its usually a good story.
Need I comment on the art and story? Sure, why not. Its really good.
The introduction of the Inhuman city and background is fascinating and a great read. It may bore some people, but if you have any interest in the Inhumans origin/background, then I think you will enjoy this book also. And the young bravado of the UFF shows itself in this book. Its near the end, and its fun. Its just as Airwolf as the regular series.

Overall: Once again, 5/5. You may have to start skipping my numbers on UFF. I can't say enough good things about this book under Millar and Land. I could try, but then I would be writing novels like Chris, and I don't want to do that to you.

JSA Classified #3
Power Trip Part 3/4

So, as Chris has informed me, Psycho Pirate is a big deal. And after reading this issue, there has got to be some kind of tie-in to the upcoming Crisis series. But I don't know what. I'll let everyone else speculate on that. We get PowerGirl in all her goodness- Powergirls rate high numbers in this ish. And we get Huntress. I like Huntress. But why in the HELL is she in this book? She has no place here. There are a hundred other heroes PowerGirl could go "buddy up with". And quite honestly, I'd rather have Huntress show off her stuff than PowerGirl. I think its the crossbow. We get some fighting action of Huntress and PowerGirl- and NO, I'm sorry, its not in a vat of jell-oh. Its all about the Powergirls.

Now, I am interested in seeing what is going on with her "origin." I was turned off originally by issue 2, it was bad in my book. But after some further explanations, it wasn't all that bad. But, this is still not a strong book. Its fairly weak. I actually kind of hope that it is not a must read for Crisis. I'm hoping that Pyscho Pirate has nothing to do with that and is only dealing with the Crisis of years ago, and may explain why PowerGirl and SuperGirl cant' be in the same room together, let alone why they too can't jell-oh wrestle together. I must stop, I digress.

Overall: 2/5. I don't know where its going. I like Huntress, but not in this book with PowerGirl. I am trying to overcome the cartoony art in this ish, even though it works well. Something just tells me its not working and get over it and stop buying this book. Well, I will when PowerGirl is done here.

Wraithborn #1/6
In the Beginning Chapter 1

I do not have the cover to the left. My cover GLOWS IN THE DARK!!! I know, who cares? I've had a gin and tonic or two, and well, I just wanted to point out that it glows in the dark.
The story- its so-so. Its been tried and done in many books. Take-good-looking-young-girl-give-her-revealing-clothing-and-kicks-ass. It reminded me alot of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. As in, there can be only one. Stop, stop the Highlander crap. After the first, the rest were dogs and you know it, so stop fooling yourself. But in this 'origin' issue, it was a good story to follow. It starts out violent. And I must say the quote of "I have no mercy for the foolish" sets a great tone for this book that we will see later on in the series. The action that follows that line really sets the pace.
The art however, is another piece that cannot be overlooked. The art is incredible. I love how dark the art was and how well it accompanied the story. It was a perfect fit. And very well done.

Overall: 3/5. I would recommend if you like the genre I mentioned above with all the hyphens. I'm too lazy to even copy and paste it in here. I will give it one more issue and hope it doesn't get spoiled. Or go all Witchblade on me. I really wanted to give this a 4/5. But Chris says I do that way to often and need to be less generous. But hey, I just want everyone to buy comics and read 'em and enjoy 'em.

I have no more reviews for you today. But I do have a very special edition for you all upcoming this weekend.

It may even break this blog in half.


Blogger Chris said...

So, out of all of Randy's reviews, I must say that I was most surprised by Wraithborn. I read this comic, which I too will review, and found it cliched but ultimately interesting enough to warrant buying a second issue, mainly for the great art and heartbreaking characterization. Yes, it's Wildstorm, which means it'll last roughly 4 issues, but it's worth your time, and the hopes that Marcia Chen (writer) can keep us connected with Wraithborn's life as we used to know it versus the life she has now.

Two hesitant thumbs up.

2:35 AM  
Blogger kelvingreen said...

I'm not completely up with my Kirby Trivia, but I think that there's a very good reason why the Inhumans remind you of the New Gods. If I'm right, and I'm probably not, Kirby created the New Gods partly to tell the kind of stories he wanted to tell with the Inhumans but never got around to before he left Marvel. Sort of like Millar creating Ultimates in order to tell the stories DC wouldn't let him do with The Authority.

And with the Psycho-Pirate's involvement in both Crisis 1 (I seem to remember him being both important in that story and also aware of what was going on, even afterwards) and Power Girl's origin, and the fact that Crisis 2 is coming up, are we heading for some metafictional explanation for her? Like her origin is messed up because the timelines were messed up in Crisis 1? If so, I hope the metafictional bit is one of the parts Grant Morrison came up with, because as we've seen from New Avengers, only Morrison and Moore seem to be able to pull that stuff off.

10:35 AM  
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