Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bullet Points

Traveling again today, which means I get to spend the day in airports and don't get the new comics till Friday at best. Some notes:

1) Go read Scipio's treatise on why he shouldn't write Aquaman (Absorbascon link in the sidebar), and revel in the passion.

2) I'm sticking to my theory that Villains United is merely a grand setup to introduce the Cheshire Cat as a new supervillain a year from now.

3) If for some reason you haven't yet, check out Boob War over at Dave's Long Box (link in the sidebar).

4) The worst thing isn't House of M; it's the "cleanup" stories that will undoubtedly permeate every Marvel comic for two months afterward when most of us will want to go back to reading stories we enjoy instead.


Blogger kelvingreen said...

But in a year or so, taking into account the "year gap", the "Cheshire Cat" will be a toddler!

Not that a toddler won't be a threat to what passes for the heroes of the DCU nowadays, but...

Personally, I'm concerned about any baby that's born into a setting as unnecessarily dark as the current DCU. I sense baby-murdering plots. :/

9:13 AM  
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