Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Milestone, Kind Of!

By the grace of the Julian calendar, 2 Guys Buying Comics just created its first "Archive" link! Granted, we started in the middle of the month, but hey! A win is a win!

Anyway, just wanted to send a shout out to our fellow bloggers out there, all of whom have been really supportive and sent kind words of encouragement to these new kids on the comic-blogging block, making this all worthwhile. It's really cool to get acknowledgement from people we look up to.

Many thanks, and here's to comics!


Blogger James Meeley said...

Congratz on your mini-milestone. I've been doing mt comic blog for almost 10 months. It's been a lot of fun. Can't wait to make my one year mark.

Keep up the good work here. And if you have a minute, stop on by my place. :)

8:09 PM  
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