Wednesday, August 24, 2005

New Comic Day

Not Wednesday. Not Hump Day. But New Comic Day. Work can never end fast enough. Rush to my LCS. Hit the Subway across the way. Head home. Good stuff.

So, to top my two comics from last week, I got all of four. I'm good with that. Especially if its four decent books. And since it was only four, back issue galore again. Yaay me!

Hmm.. Chris uses a /5 rating system. Chris, I'll match your /5 rating system, and raise you a... umm... five dollars on Double Zero baby!!!

What I find odd is that all the books are DC. Now, I grew up reading far more Marvel, but for some reason, DC just seems to have the better stories going at this time.

Minimal on the spoilers here.

So, what did I get today:

Adventures of Superman #643
Sacrifice Aftermath

Well, I enjoyed the last two chapters in the Sacrifice arc. The first two were really not needed- this could have been summed up in probably 4 pages. And now we get an Aftermath edition. It was not quite what I was expecting, but I think it would have fit better into a JLA issue, and then could include, albeit briefly, a few more characters. Superman talks, Rucka style, on his thoughts on Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman get to chat a little, and then some filler fluff. I did like Bat/Supe's short chat. Kind of what you expect from a conversation with those two, but always, always entertaining. Just watching Wonder Woman's face when Superman is staring at here was classic. Serene, calm, strait-laced. Very simple, and to quote, "no remorse." Superman finally makes the OMAC discovery that others are now figuring out (human). The art however I actually enjoyed. Different sections of the book had different color tones, or is it hues? Regardless, they really worked well in this issue.
And I don't get the picture to the left here. Its kinda the cover, but what's all that blotted red? The actual cover is far better. I think I will actually look forward to issue 644, when Superman confronts Zatanna. Now that could be fun, because I too, like Chris, am enjoying the Zatanna mini and her current prominent display.
I did not like at all the 9 page splash ad in the middle of the book however. That more or less just really pissed me off.

Best Moment: Batman's final comment to Superman.
Worst Moment:A frickin' 9 page ad? Oh COME ON!!!!
Comic Book Goodness: 3/5. Too much fluff, and a 9 page ad cannot overcome a couple of fine lines.

JSA Classified #2

The first one showed so much promise. I am not a fan of the JSA. I really don't know much about the JSA. But hey, an origin of a hero that I've seen floating around since Justice League: Europe and had no idea who she was? OK, I'll try it.
Issue 1 had a nice little background, showed some possibilities at the end. Issue 2 pretty much ruined it all for me. I don't want to give too much away in spoilers, but let me just say I was disgusted with the use of the Legionairres, who just start miraculously appearing from nowhere (magic anyone?- oops, for Day of Vengeance) and Superman was not drawn very well. Conner's art, as I agree with many others, ,does work well here. Her closeups are very effective for Power Girl.

Best Moment: It's still Power Girl origin.
Worst Moment: I have to pick one? The ending. Man that was sorry. I hope they are going somewhere with this.
Comic Book Goodness: 1/5. The story was just plain bad. Nice set up of issue 1 just came tumbling down. Thank you Amanda Conner though. You were the saving grace.

Day of Vengeance 5 of 6
The Particle Theory of Darkness

Very simply put, I liked this book from start to finish. Even the Detective Chimp scenes. I am not a Detective Chimp fan. But, I was able to deal with his cheap "insert comedy line here" routine. This time around it is Nightshade's turn for commentary. It was well done. We get Black Alice. For some reason we get a lot of Ragman in a towel after showering. Someone PLEASE tell me what that is all about? Ewwwww... Captain Marvel is around for a few panels even. My, he just seems to command the scenes he is in. Kind of like putting Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves in the same scene together- was Keanu even there? He just exudes hero, compared to the rag tag bunch Shadow Pact.
This book left me wanting book six like... tomorrow. I am anxious to see how this one ends, and to see if some of this bunch plays a bigger role in the DC universe. Oh wait, isn't magic rumoured to die off? Ah well, who knows.

The art was crisp, clean and thorough. Details are very well done. Smooth throughout the book.

Best Moment: The scenes with Black Alice and Nightshade in Indonesia conversing. Little more history lesson on the characters.
Worst Moment: I really don't have a worst moment. Waiting for issue six? OK, mebbe Detective Chimp and cheap "insert comedy line here" routine.
Comic Book Goodness: 5/5. This is what I look for in a book. Good story. Good drawing and coloring. Good taste in my mouth. Where did page 8 go? Err.. anxiously awaiting the final book.

The OMAC Project 5 of 6
...Long Live the King!

Wow. I just wanted to start this off right. This will also be hard without spoilers, but I will do my best. The build up was worth this wait. It has OMACs, it has the Justice League (note I only said Justice League) and a couple of peeps they pulled out of...well... I really don't know where they've been hiding them. The Sasha sub plot was predictable and I accept it- I want to see what role she plays going forward. Its got death, its got chaos, and its got...Mary? I will say no more, because it would be all a spoiler and I'd rather have ya just read it. Its worth it.

Best Moment: Justice League
Worst Moment: Dmitri. You'll understand my Worst when you read it.
Comic Book Goodness: 5/5. I'd just like to repeat my Comic Book Goodness for Day of Vengeance. This is what I look for in a book. Good story. Good drawing and coloring. Good taste in my mouth. Where did page 8 go? Err.. anxiously awaiting the final book. And there will be much more to come from OMAC's I'm betting.


Read these books. OK, not JSA Classified. But read the rest. And not just read. Enjoy the rest. You could look at the pretty pictures at least in JSA Classified?

later all



Blogger Chris said...

Randy, way to raise the bar! Reviews both thoughtful and comprehensive --- you're like the anti-IGN! :)

So, Randy's a dick, because I only get comics on payday week, and Randy has an assload of disposable income, but you will be seeing my reviews on many of Randy's comics noted here this weekend.

That said.

I am EXCITED AS A MUTHA to get Day of Vengeance and OMAC Project, two comics that both Randy and I typically enjoy. Also, I get the 3rd and final issue of SMOKE from IDW, and I'll have a 2Guys Comprehensive Comic/Arc Review (soon to be an ongoing feature) up for that mini.

Randy, excellent job, and though we may end up disagreeing, here's to another Guy Buying Comics.

1:13 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Wow. 5/5 for TWO books? Good thing I'm getting them as well. We shall see if the 5/5s flow as sweetly from the Trough of Chris Reviews as they do from the Well of Randy Reviews.

Seriously, tho. This makes me excited to read them.

1:43 AM  
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