Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Opening Day!


So, um, as you might tell by the title, this is a blog from two guys who buy comics.

My name's Chris. The other guy's name is Randy. (You'll be hearing from him as soon as I tell him we've got a blog now.)

What will you find here? Well, mostly comics stuff. Reviews, primarily, though from time to time Randy and I will share our thoughts on trends in the comics industry, what's coming up, and other varied and sundry thoughts. But that's not the point.


The point is that there are a lot of comics sites out there. And most of them, for better or worse, are regurgitations of DC or Marvel news, and bulletin boards for trolls to bash or celebrate whichever company/creator/hero suit their fancy. And you know what? That's all fine and good. Someone has to do it. But it ain't us. Although we do love us some DC and Marvel.

See, Randy and I are what a lot of you probably are --- two guys who like comics, spend money on comics, and have opinions on comics. We're on limited incomes, have depressing day jobs, and are typically shamed for even discussing the topic amongst "real" adults. No matter- we want to share the love of comics SO MUCH, that we're going to subject you all to our opinions on them.

I've recently started reading other comics blogs. And it got me thinking. There are four, maybe five blogs out there that are stellar. I mean, really stellar. Excellent writing, fun stuff, and not taking themselves too seriously. Which is what comics are all about, the way we see it. (Yes, we're going to post links to those sites here. We is all about the giving.)

But there are some really crappy comics sites, too. I mean, sites so blatantly devoid of anything remotely fun that we really wonder why they bother reviewing/commenting on/interviewing people in an industry they so obviously despise. (Yes, we'll be posting links to those sites too. Two Guys Buying Comics shows no mercy in its quest for fair play.)

And that leads me to the real, final, actual, point. We don't pretend to be "the single best blog in the whole wide universe". We're just hoping you'll make us a regular stop on your daily Internet Comics Surfing Site Tour. Because on some level, no matter how wrapped up we get in the Writer of the Month, Whether Wizard is Evil, or Company X Outsold Company Y This Month, at the core, we're really all the same.

We're all people who buy comics.

And Randy and I really think that means something. It's something to be proud of, something to share with others, and something that we have a passion for. So let's chat about it.

NEXT ISSUE: Chris and Randy's individual tastes, predilections, and windows on the world, so you can more accurately judge our opinions and know where we're coming from on all this!

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