Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Comic Dilemma Week, and Viva Las Vegas

And good greetings to all of you from Randy.

I ran to my local comic store today (fine fine, I drove) all ready to pick up some new material to read and enjoy. I bought all of... two comics.

Two. Suspense killer. Nothing peaked my interest. It was pretty sad.

The two that I picked up: Manhunter and HoM Spidey.

I was not that impressed.

Manhunter- Not a book that should be involved in the OMAC world. Misleading cover. I still have faith though that after the OMAC "invasion", this book will return to its normal, good storyline.

HoM Spidey- I'm just confused. It shouldn't be a confusing book. Its just listless, and I really don't care about any of the characters. I'm sad that I tried this spin-off. Its no FF or Hulk. Peter Parker is far, far better in the HoM mini that is running. And I'm being generous in that too.

So, I did what any bright, witty and avid comic book reader would do: I bought back issues!

That all made up for my dilemma of a very slow week in new material.

Bought the six issue mini of Black Widow by Richard Morgan. I liked it. Of course, I'm a sucker for Black Widow titles. The Sienkiewicz art improved after issue 1. No stingers (parts are hard to get-heh), lots of knives. An actual spy/assassin adventure, no big lurking super villians and even some bureaucratic fun. And some history on her to boot. Looking forward to BW 2.

Did I mention that next week it looks like all of two titles again? Someone roll some presses, please!

And by the way, the Chris and Randy show is going on tour this weekend to Las Vegas, so the blog will be quiet for a couple of days, but we will return Monday with fun drunken adventures and stories galore.

No wait, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?

Enjoy your weekend all.