Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I borrowed some of Chris's books, here's my take

No pretty pictures. Nothing real fancy. Just my take on the books that Chris was kind enough to let me read. And I am not going to say thank you, because man were they just plain bad.

1. Sea of Red
I completely agree with Chris. The first issue was at least a reasonable idea, although I am a wee bit worn out on vampires everywhere. Although anyone toss me a bone on that King Arthur vs. Vampire/Dracula title? Then issue two turned up. And then Sea of Red made me want to vomit red. Ridiculous is being kind. Horrid? I did not bother with Book 3. And no one will convince me otherwise. I can honestly say that I am dumber for having read book 2. I don't have enough brain cells to read past book 2.

2. Smoke
I wasn't as excited to read it as Chris was. I just didn't care what happened to any of the characters. I couldn't connect with any of them. I really thought they should all perish in whatever conspiracy they wanted to cook up.

3. Jack Cross
Not my style of art. Not a great tale. I think SHIELD/Black Widow material holds far more intrigue than this book ever will. I think some of the Wakanda/Avengers stuff held more intrigue than I can ever see this book holding. And those were pretty basic.

4. Iron Ghost
Well written. Decent art. Once again though, the story is just not catching me. Once again, its probably because I really can't care about any of the characters. Maniacal guy killing nazis, and sympathizers. Um, oh boy? Still, at least it was an entertaining read, and by far the best of what Chris loaned me.

5. Conan
I need to see more. I thought the Red Sonja was better, and NO, not because she wears far less and is hotter. I thought RS was drawn better. But, I will check out the next arc as Chris gets them. The story was entertaining to read, and Conan does fit well as a thief, but I think I have to much King Conan in my memory when he was also an ass-kicker. Of course, I have not read any of the new Conan and he may do that too, so I will check on it.


Anonymous jake said...

Currently, Conan is in kind of a laid back phase. He did some serious ass kicking in the first dozen issues or so and is now more traveling the countryside, robbing, and getting drunk and laid. Most of his fights right now are pretty one sided since part of being able to kick so much ass means most average tough guys aren't much of a challenge.

Something is brewing.

Also, the art seems to have taken a bit of a downturn, though I still think it's pretty good. Check out the first story arc and you'll see what how great it can be.

10:29 PM  
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