Sunday, November 06, 2005

Fire in the Hole

And at least since these are one shot reviews and not lengthy to scroll and scroll and scroll, no one can get lost either, or forget their place while fetching a beer, or a water, or etc...

Today, I bring you Firestorm.

Firestorm #19
The Forests of the Night

First off, I really like this cover by Matt Haley. How Firestorms flaming head fades out behind him, much like Bob Ross painting far away landscape. I love Bob Ross, even though he passed away. But, I"ll save that for another day. And I really like Donna Troy's outfit. Black with sparkly like stars that is just a real nice look. Ah, on the topic of covers, I neglected to mention in the Supergirl, errr.. Superman review previously that the cover was also excellent. I was exceptionally caught by the space colours.

Then we go inside the book though. Its a good tale, again. A little slow in parts. Character development time. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Its good here, just slowwww....
I love how Firestorm has a rep of being slightly oft-kilter. Everyone keeps hearing him talk to himself, sometimes jibe at himself. And the supporting characters play off of it very nicely.

I'm interested to find out who Gehenna is. She makes a brief appearance, adding to the oft-kilter portion of the book, and was introduced two issues ago in Firestorm. (She may have made other appearances, but I have no clue.) She drops a stunning line, so it makes me wonder who she really is.

The end is all wierd though. Just like the last book. It has wierd spacey stuff, and I'm not picking up on it. It involves the future (DUH!!) of Firestorm, but I think in a character way, not a plot way.

Then I picked up on something that carried through the book, and made me keep looking for it. Noses. Close-up, face-on noses are drawn odd in some panels. I mean REALLY odd. But others, they looked ok. I found it almost funny that I was actually looking at everyone's noses whilst reading thru the book.

Overall: 2/5. It was kinda slow in parts. Parts I felt I could have skipped, and not been lost later. Nice to see he is going to be a player in the Crisis though.


Anonymous jake said...

"I love Bob Ross, even though he passed away."

So are you saying that typically when someone dies, you stop loving them? I'll be sure to mention that to all your dead loved ones at my next seance.

9:47 AM  
Blogger Randy said...

Nope. Heck, I even have his image proudly displayed on a tshirt to live in infamy, he and his Happy Little Trees. Oh, and your next seance, can you say hey to John Belushi and Ronald Reagan for me? Thank ye.

12:05 PM  
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