Saturday, November 05, 2005

Soup Day

Three days in a row of posting something for me. A record. I better stop now while I"m ahead.

Superman # 223

I'll admit I have never been a Superman fan. It just seems that since he is Superman, well, he can do anything so why bother with the rest?
Incorrect Randy, do not pass go, do not collect $200. What I find interesting about this is that people continue to try to throw challenges at him, the audacity to try to "kill" him, and continue to fail. And as we know that there is no death in the comics world, "kill" will always have quotes. (See Flash, See Hawkeye, See Moon Knight, et al.)
I also kinda like his high and moral stuff. And they mix in a little cluelessness to the real world, so it adds a nice little touch there. And I don't care what anyone says, I think it looks cool his eyes turn all red and black when his heat vision goes off. It gives him a kinda evil look, like he's really pissed.

The artwork is incredible. Wow. I really, really like it. I thought it was excellent.

But then there is the story. Cover Lettering: Supergirls Farewell? For the Crisis storyline, sure, but its a little over-the-top hyped up. Of course, I guess if you put a half-dressed female superhero on the cover, it'll sell more copies too. So she's going into space with Donna Troy- we all knew that. So blah on you for over hyping.

I've been picking up Superman lately, and it hasn't been too shabby. It's probably because he was going to be a big time player in the Crisis, and I just wanted to get a feel for how he has been written lately. Now that I think about it, that has been the driving force. I have never read the Superman titles, so I needed to kind of "catch up" I guess. Batman never changes, so I still don't bother to read any of those titles. As for the other "big playah", Wonder Woman, I have read that series. No need to go to great detail here, but I like that title, I like Rucka, so I will continue to read that title.

Overall, since it feels like a filler issue, 3/5. But the art. Well drawn. It almost overshadows the story for me.