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Chris' Mini-Reviews 7/26 + 8/2

I know, I know, late as hell but dammit, worth reading! (Well, most of 'em anyway.) As always, true believers, Massive Spoilers Ahoy!

CAPTAIN AMERICA #20 --- Alright, we've got Lukin/Red Skull's plan coming to fruition, Cap, Sharon, Bucky, Union Jack, and Spitfire trying desperately to stop it, and what we get is a knock-down drag-out fight with Good Guys v. Master Men, a flaming zeppelin on a path of destruction, and Bucky coming to Cap's rescue while Lukin/Skull grin evilly. Oh, and at the end? A big freakin' robot monster! If you didn't like this comic, I don't want to know you. Big, loud, and Brubaker captures old-school Marvel absolutely perfectly here. CBG: 4/5.

DETECTIVE COMICS #822 --- Yep, another Paul Dini comic, another episode of B:TAS. And it's still good. The idea of Riddler being a private detective and a Nigma/Wayne team-up is too cool for school, and if the mystery aspect suffers from a little too much exposition and "telling instead of showing", it's still a knotty yarn that gets its detectin' on. This is absolutely what I want from a Batman comic, and Paul, if you're listening: don't change a thing. CBG: 4/5.

BATMAN #655 --- Grant Morrison's take on the Dark Knight begins here, and it's... um... OK, I guess. Grant, you I dig you, right? Kay? Kay. That said, after reading two issues of Dini's work, it's hard for me to get ramped up for a six-issue arc. I mean, there was nothing horribly wrong with this comic, but Kirk Langstrom kidnapped? Zzzzz. Bruce learning to be Bruce? Isn't that what the OYL cruise was for? OK, the ninja bats at the end were pure Morrisonian weirdness, but I just didn't like this as much as I thought I would. CBG: 2.5/5

THE ALL-NEW ATOM #2 --- The Silver Age goodness gets even better here, as erstwhile Atom Ryan Choi gets to play with his powers some more, the fun supporting cast gets a few moments to shine, there's humor and action in equal parts, and a Giant Many-Tentacled Ooze Of Lovecraftian Doom shows up at the end! I swear, it's like Gail Simone knows exactly what I want in a comic. Unfortunately, John Byrne turns in what may be the most rushed comic ever (next to Infinite Crisis #7), as scratchy art and sloppy finishing do their best to take me out of an otherwise great comic. CBG: 3/5, with the points knocked off solely for the art.

JONAH HEX #10 --- A blessed return to excellence here, as Palmiotti and Gray turn in one of the best Hex stories to date, and Phil Noto does a crack-up job on the art chores. Jonah Hex v. Inbred Swamp Trash v. Alligators? F#$% Yeah! And it's exactly as good as it sounds, with emotional resonance I wasn't expecting. (Of course, I would have bought it strictly for Hex v. Alligators, but that's just me.) If you'd given up on Hex after the last two admittedly disappointing issues, do yourself a favor and try this one --- it's fanTAStic. CBG: 4/5.

BATTLER BRITTON #2 --- Garth Ennis gives me what I wanted here, which is to say more characterization, more aerial fight scenes, and more understanding of the main character, and I certainly can't complain about any of that! Still a solidly "war" comic --- by which I mean that if you're a WWII buff or love the movies/stories about that period, then this is right in your wheelhouse --- so if you're looking for something different, keep looking. CBG: 3/5.

THE CREEPER #1 --- An origin issue, but a really beautifully illustrated one by Justiniano, that gives us the origin of the Creeper (think a chemically-induced Joker at will), an interesting alter ego (Jack Ryder, lefty blowhard), and some nice art. Nothing groundbreaking or earth-shattering (next issue: Batman guest stars! I bet it took Steve Niles 30 whole seconds to think that up), but a solid read nonetheless, and again --- nothing really bad here. CBG: 3/5.

MOON KNIGHT #4 --- OK, so Marc's starting to talk to his god Khonshu again, more supporting cast members (Marlene) show up, and so does the Taskmaster. To be perfectly honest, I dig the character so much I know I'll keep buying it, but dammit, we need a fight and we need a fight soon if this series is to establish itself. I appreciate Huston's catering to the longtime fans, but it's time to show us why MK deserves his own series in the here and now. Bonus points for the cool new villain, the Profiler. CBG: 3/5.

FALLEN ANGEL #7 --- The conclusion to Lee's "origin" story, as she takes on a corrupt band of desert tribesmen, confronts the Angel of Death, and kills said angel. Competent, in character and amusing in a fanboy sort of way, but I'm anxious to get back to Bete Noire and the present day. Also: absolutely LOVED the scene of dead-horse-used-as-projectile. I'm just sayin'. CBG: 3/5.

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Blogger CalvinPitt said...

Any chance the big robot in Captain America is. . . Tess-One? Man I haven't seen that rascal since Cosmic Spidey blowed it's Adamantium hide up real good.

Yeah, I looked through Batman, and it didn't really astound me. But, I'm admittedly not a Grant Morrison Fan, so that might explain it.

Hmm, you'd think if Huston wanted to cater to the MK fans, he'd be giving them some Moon Knight butt-kicking scenes.

8:21 AM  
Blogger Mallet said...

No the robot is probably something DOOM! made.

9:43 PM  

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