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Randy Reviews July 19 Releases

Hello and Greetings to the masses

I bought lots of books. I have lots of thoughts on some, not so many thoughts on others.
And, there will be some spoilers in here- but only for two books- that being the Top 3 of the Week.
And, I was torn between the top 3. They were all stupendous.
Starting with just some bullet reviews
GArrr...picture uploading not working today. Funny how it worked yesterday.... Mebbe I'll upload pictures later whence I get home.

10. WitchBlade #100
I bought it because it was issue 100. It wasn't a terrible story. I liked the past "holders" visiting. Although I swear I saw that in Buffy. Neat little fight. Sacrifice made. Yadda Yadda Yadda. Not bad. It was pretty. I"ll give it that.
Rating: 2/5.

9. The Sadhu #1
I figured I"ll give each one a chance, see what they do. I like the premise and the setting for this one- Colonial India, fighting the English. Not sure on where its going from here, as I was a bit mixed on the plot, doing a "wha just happened" a couple of times.
Rating: 2/5

8. Uncanny Xmen #476
It picked up some. Was it stellar? No. I'm giving Ed some time here, because this book was a total mess. Cleanup duty can take a bit. I"m also not very familiar with the characters, but since I'm not a mutant reader, I accept that. It had some nice fights, and the team not being "a team", so was a nice little change of pace.
Rating: 2/5

7. Eternals #2
Its just kinda weird how they all seem to forgot who they were, or how only some forgot who they were and just kinda ignore what they are. Weird, but interesting. I think the big blowup-realization is soon forthcoming, but I"m still waiting to see why this is all happening now. I haven't found a big menace that needs them to come out of their...retirement?
Rating: 2/5

6. Catwoman #57
I really was very turned off by the cover, even though I know its a spoof. I wasn't really keen on the events of the past issue. But, this issue carried itself well and resolved the issue, but damn, this event from the last issue better not be a damn repeat storyline. If so, just move in with Bruce. Please. The fight was grand however. The end was fantastic.
Rating: 3/5

5. X-Factor #9
This was another excellent book this week. Once again, Layla steals the show in this one. Shocking, shocking dialogue between her and Madrox. I was left with a slightly creepy feeling though too. The X-men show up hunting QuickSilver, and the X-Factor team makes their stance be known. And, I liked it. Alot. The only bit I thought was a bit slow was the section on Madrox helping someone out. C'mon, I"m not going to spoiler that.
Rating: 3/5

4. Justice League of America #0
You know what, I didn't expect too much. But, it was a lot better than I thought it would be. I really enjoyed the synopsis of the "Big 3" through history, and there were a couple of FANTASTIC moments. Also, after reading Brad's interviews, I was even more psyched to read this, and it only encouraged me to be excited to read the JLA. Well, that and the fact that New Avengers sucks. Go JLA.
Rating: 4/5

3. Manhunter #24
OK, I was not excited about the OYL reboot for this title. I thought it unecessary and really interfered with what was going on.
I was wrong.
The reboot, though it took a couple of issues, has been fantastic after that first ish. We get a little more seasoned Kate, a little more mellow about the whole vigilante thing. The cast of characters is better developed, and they are fun themselves.
And the first arc, though involving the now overused Dr. Psycho, ended here exceptionally well.
Yes yes, he breaks free while the verdict is being read, and Manhunter needs to find a way to stop him from freaking everyone out. Oh my, does she ever. She bites his tongue, and then she stabs him in the head with part of her staff that's all lit up, shutting him down basically.
Man, I was busting up when she bit his tongue.
The verdict- not telling. Lets just say Kate may be taking on more clients soon.
Superb Book. And no, not because I"m trying to hype the book to get past issue 30. It really was a good read.
Overall Rating: 5/5

2. Annihilation Nova #4 of 4
DAMN! That, my friends, was what a space comic is supposed to have. Alien armada attacking fleeeing ships, the defenders go on the offensive to get said ships to safety, the defenders kick some ass, meet the big gun, sacrifice themselves for the overall good and safety of those around, and then, then want to kick more ass when its all said and done. Its like a grand ol Space Opera.
This book ruled. Totally. This has been by far the best mini of this series, and of the year so far. Absolutely. And, the art was sharp to boot- it seemed to improve with each issue.
Nova goes on the total offensive and starts laying waste to the fleet, and finally Quasar joins in the fun. Annihilus finds that two supers are causing all the havoc, and brings them to him basically.
Quasar dies. Yes, he is dead. As far as Marvel heroes die that is. He melted man. He frickin melted!
And then Nova takes on Annihilus. And then it looks like he starts to melt. But he does better than that.
And in the aftermath, Nova lives. Drax and Cammi live.
And Nova. He wants to fight a helluva lot more.
You go Nova. You go.
Rating: 5/5. Overall Series Rating: 5/5

And the #1 book of the week:

Civil War #3
Many people may laugh at me for this. I don't care. Here's why:
1. The entire hype/ads of the series has been Iron Man vs. Cap. We actually get to see the fight in this issue. The book has the hype in it for once, unlike I think the rest of Marvels Events. And it is an ugly, ugly fight. And, most importantly, I don't have to WAIT for issue six to get the fight. I already have a great, great fight. And I know that there is more to come. Thank you Mr. Millar.
2. I got a fight, and I got great dialogue and tricky tricky along the way. Look, you can do fights and dialogue and plot development at the same time. Imagine that? Thank you Mr. Millar.
3. I get Thor. NOW, I am not fooled. I know that this is not THE Thor. Why do I know this?
a.) Did you see Thor talk any smack before laying down the smack? Nope. Has anyone ever seen Thor not talk smack before a fight? I know I havent', and I've read alot of Thor.
b.) When is the last time anyone, and I mean anyone, has controlled Thor? Yes, he may listen to leaders, like he does in the Avengers, but control him to the point that they did in this issues?
c.) Like Thor is going to blast Cap (well, his forces at least), without talking to "thy most courageous mortal he hath ever had the pleasure to fight side by side with, as comrades"? Fuck no. You ain't fooling no one Mr. Millar.
And if you turn this into a clone of Thor, you are a big fat cheat sir. Robot, sure, much more reasonable. You ain't cloning a god. That's just silly talk.
4. Dr. Strange is actually mentioned, finally. Granted, he wussed out and left the country. Wuss.
5. Hell, I loved the smackdown that Reed got from Black Panther even. That so rocked.

How do I want this to end? The Thor robot goes crazy (maybe the SHIELD Psi's are controlling him, but if Enchantress/Morgan Le Fay couldn't hold him in sway, they ain't got a chance), and all the heroes join forces to start trashing it, start to lose and the real ass Thor shows up to lay down his own brand of SMACK!!! Besides, they are going to need Thor around when Hulk comes back, cuz Hulk is going to beat some people when he comes back.

Rating: A hearty 5/5


Anonymous Monkey in a Blender said...

It's totally a clone (which is why I called him a tool before - Real Thor works under the yoke of no man; Civil War Thor is a freakin' SHIELD project), and I don't see why you can't clone him. Marvel gods are basically just superpowerful aliens anyway, right? So why couldn't you crack the Thor Helix or whatever and grow your own Odinson in a lab?

8:26 AM  
Anonymous Nick said...

Hey I mentioned your whole clone/Thor bot thought on a podcast, I mentioned your website twice on it, hope you don't mind.

9:24 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

On behalf of 2GBC, thanks, Nick!

(Our motto: there's no such thing as bad free publicity!)

10:25 PM  

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