Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What I'm Getting This Week

I once heard that pull lists are like vacation photos; nobody really wants to see them, they just want to know whether you enjoyed the results.

Likewise, it never fails to amuse me that forum posters across the comics sites invariably attach their pull list as a 20-line paragraph signature, as if someone reading their message is going to say, "Hey! komix_dood77 is reading Catwoman --- I should too!"

I'm not saying that it's not interesting to see what people are reading, but just mentioning Blood Of The Demon out of context to tell me that you're buying it does nothing for me. Why are you buying it? Do you like the story? The art? Did you lose a bet? I need to know!

That said, here's what I'm getting this week, and why.

52 Week 2 --- Because as dull as I found the first issue, it's meant to be weekly, and so in the interest of fair play I'm giving this 4 issues to hook me. Last week was strike one.

AQUAMAN #42 --- Because Busiek's (Hi, Kurt!) AquaConan and Guice's art make a fine, fine comic.

SHADOWPACT #1 --- Yep, I liked the team in the mini, I like Willingham, and I love Detective Chimp. Plus, I figure there's at least a 30% chance of the Phantom Stranger showing up in any given issue.

FELL #5 --- Good art. Good characters. Great value. 'Nuff said.

CAPTAIN AMERICA #18 --- Captain America, Union Jack, AND the Red Skull? Oh, it is on.

HAUNT OF HORROR: EDGAR ALLAN POE #1 --- Because I like horror comics, Richard Corben, and Marvel taking chances like this.

MOON KNIGHT #2 --- Because Finch draws pretty and MK intrigues me.

FALLEN ANGEL #5 --- Because it just might be the most multilayered, engrossing ongoing being published nowadays. I know it's early, but I wonder if in 10 years we'll look back on FA as Peter David's magnum opus, rather than his Hulk run.


Blogger CalvinPitt said...

I'm hoping there'll be an issue of Moon Knight to spare when I get to the store tomorrow.

And Ms. Marv - I mean Warbird #3 comes out this week. Hooray!

6:08 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

I didn't count Fallen Angel as David's masterpiece because it's not finished. But I agree with you - it's excellent.

7:23 PM  
Anonymous Car RamRod said...

I think you should save your money on Shadowpact #1. It's a garbage comic. I'm thinking about burning it and peeing the flames out. For some reason my LCBS puts the stuff out on Tuesdays. Use that saved money to go get Talent #1 from Boom Comics. I think you might like it.

12:17 PM  

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