Monday, May 08, 2006

Linkbloggin' on a Monday

In no particular order, some things that I've noticed this morning:

Have you seen these banners Marvel is offering (scroll to the bottom of the page)? Jon over at Hypnoray has taken it upon himself to, um, expand our choices. Brilliant!

Hey, I won something! Thanks, Mark!

Ragnell has been on bloggin' fire since she came back to us. Here's an especially smart piece about two gals talkin' food and fashion.

DC's 52 website (courtesy of the Daily Planet, natch) is actually a clever bit of webbiness, especially with the banner ads from luminaries like Ferris Aircraft and such. Worth poking around for commitment to a theme. (I also like the DEO banner ad: "Your Right to Saftey (sic); Our Right To Know") Now if we can get Booster Gold blogging, that'll be something else.

CalvinPitt has a post that makes my heart ache, because like him, I so want it to be true and yet know that there's not a Speedball's chance in Hell that Marvel has that kind of foresight. Also a nice overview of the current state of Marvel.

Legion of Doom correctly points out that the so-called "Decimation" isn't all that Marvel's led us to believe, with a case-by-case breakdown of the five Mutants That Lost Their Powers Whom We Actually Care About, and how all of a sudden they're not so de-powered now. Hey!

As if Scipio needs me to refer links to him, but this piece on the Archie FCBD issue is friggin' hi-larious!

Fly On The Wall, Vol. III tomorrow; till then.


Blogger joncormier said...

Heh, glad you liked them. I think it's the only clever thing I've ever posted.

I don't have the energy to get non-marvel characters into the action.

11:57 AM  
Blogger CalvinPitt said...

*Sigh*, yeah the odds Marvel's actually planned all that are pretty slim.

But a man can dream of a competent Marvel, can't he?

3:19 PM  

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