Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Randy Buy Pile, Last Week of April

This is the first time in four days I can actually sit in front of a computer and not fall over from dizziness. I do not recommend the Sumatran Death Flu upon anyone. Well, I can think of one writer...but I won't go there.
So, I thought I"d post my huge ass buy pile for this week. Its kinda big.

CATWOMAN #54-- I really like Pfeiffer, even though I am not the biggest fan of this new direction.

CHECKMATE #1- its a #1, so I'll give it one try.

HAWKGIRL #51- I'm trying this for a second ish, even though that reboot was very very boring.

SEVEN SOLDIERS FRANKENSTEIN #4 (OF 4)- Just end this already. End all the 7 Soldier series. That way I never have to pick up a Grant Morrison book ever again.

VILLAINS UNITED INFINITE CRISIS SPECIAL-- I just read the mini, and liked it, so I'll probably try this too.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #531- It entertains me.

ANNIHILATION RONAN #1- Loved the Nova one, didn't mind the superskrull, refuse to buy Surfer. I think this one could be good too.

ASTONISHING X-MEN #14-- Sigh. My small fund to the mutants books.


ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #29-- I enjoy this book. Its fun. This arc is eh, but the previous ones were good.

WOLVERINE #41-- First Wolverine book purchased EVER! The story sounds downright fascinating.

X-FACTOR #6-- I blame Chris and Jake for this. My only other donation to the mutant books.

RED SONJA VS THULSA DOOM #3-- the second one really grabbed me. so I'll finish out the series now.

And yes, I AM NOT buying the New Avengers Annual. I just can't hack it. Not for 4 bux. I would just as soon go buy a Defenders back issue. OK, I'm not doing that either.


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