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Randys Woozy Comments On This Weeks Buys

Damn, I still can't sit down in front of a computer for more than like 2 hours without getting ill. This is just plain pathetic. But yes, I was dumb today, ventured out for half an hour to buy comics and lunch and raced back home to rest.
What did I think of my stack, shorter than what I expected was?
I even skipped Hawkgirl, Checkmate and yes, the Not Avengers Annual.


These Books Sucked Ass:

Frankenstein: Seven Soldiers #4/4 --Frakenstein in Fairyland
I agree with Chris. This was a far wimper from the first three books. To the point of "I wasted $36 on the 7S series' that I bought at all" fall right into this category as a whole. What a waste. I can safely say I believe I am now done buying Grant Morrison books.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #29 --President Thor Conclusion
Thor absolutely had nothing to do with this entire arc. Thanks for the false advertising Millar. Prick. Cover art- that's all it is: a pretty wishful picture. Prick. You know, if you know your huge ass Civil War is coming up, and you want to neglect the rest of your work, why not take a brief hiatus from your other books than lose this reader? Prick.

Astonishing X-Men #14
This has now fallen to another freaky, boring mutant book, one that I now no longer need to read either. Wow, was that a big pile of suck or what? One less contribution to the mutant fund for me. For supposedly having so few mutants now in the Marvel U, there are still an awful amount of books out there. And they are being done poorly.

Books That Are Endangered:

Red Sonja Vs. Thulsa Doom #3/4
Overexposing Red Sonja is becoming a bad thing. Staying on the main title has been good. Straying from the main title, the books have been not-so-good, at best. I will buy ish 4, just to see how it ends, but my buying these off shoots may come to a close.

Rising Stars:Untouchables #3--The Puer
It picked up a little bit, but I was just trying this book out because I really do like JMS's writing. Ha ha, its not even a JMS book, just based off some of his toons. Well, this one ends soon. Not very good.

Catwoman #54--the replacements
Give me back my Selina already. I despise the OYL take, and find it inane, pointless and so blaise that this one is now on the endangered list. Way wrong turn for a book that was doing pretty good.

Amazing Spider Man #531--Mr. Parker Goes to Washington 3/3
OK, this wasn't a horrendous book. It was a fun fight to read. What I really enjoy reading is how the government really has a TOTAL lack of respect regarding superheroes, especially after saving their asses..what was it, 46 times? That actually is comedy itself. But as a Spiderman book, it just doesn't seem to be a "spiderman" book, you know what I mean?

And now, the books that I really enjoyed this week, from #4, all the way to NUMBER 1.


X-Factor #6
The Butterfly Defect

This was a great read. This book actually gives me some sympathy towards Layla Miller. And I can tell you right now that if QuickSilver and Rictor both stay, I hope they both die by pillow fight. I cannot stand the character of Rictor and look forward to the one day that he departs. Only to die later in a pillow fight.
The art in this is a little quirky for me, but damn it does well for this book. It sets a great tone.
This is one mutant book that will be keeping my mutant contribution fund flowing to Marvel. The only one now.
Overall Rating: I soooo want to give this a 4/5, and I will dammit. But I really hate the character of Rictor. I'd rather have the Quicksilver prick in there- at least he realizes when he's being an ass and shuts the hell up. Oh yeah, and that is ONE HELLUVA beautiful cover too.


This was a great introduction for me to Ronan, as I don't think I have ever heard of him before. This was not as strong as the Nova book, but it was the second best that I read.
The art seems a little forced to me though, just too neat when it needn't be.
I enjoyed the opening sequence of his "administration of Kree Law." A great seque into the rest of the book and his current state of affairs.
Although, the story as a whole really had nothing to do with the Annihilation wave. So uh, that part I really don't get. Maybe it all comes together in the end? I can hope.
Overall Rating: 3/5. A nice solid start still. Looking forward to ish 2. And its a pretty cover too.

Villians United IC Special
A Hero Dies But One

Man this was a fun fun read. I had hoped there might be more of the Secret Six, but that's ok, there brief appearance was just fine.
This is the one subplot that I think looks interesting for IC #6? #7? Been so long, don't remember the number. This was one fantastic cliffhanger that if you read this, I probably guarantee you'll buy the last ish of IC.
I thought having Oracle as the focal point for the heroes really brings her into the prime fold of the DCU, not just the Gotham U now.
Manhunter's whole shtick just didn't ring real true with me. Seemed a bit much.
Overall Rating: 4/5. Still a fun read, and leaves me wanting more. That's what a book is supposed to do, right?

Book of the Week:

Wolverine #41
The Package

I had this book earmarked a couple months back perusing future solicitations. The story alone, in that one short paragraph, fascinated me.
And you know what, this book lived up to every expectation that I had. This story impressed the HELL out of me!!! The art was also very very good for this story. Another usual story, no, this art would have been lousy. But this art really sets the stage for the story, even enhances it.
Actually, this book really touched and endeared me, for its brutality, violence and also its fragility. I have not been impressed with such a book in a very long time. Oh, and he uses a gun for some of this book too. That was different from the Wolverine I remember.
Overall Rating: 5/5. It doesn't get any higher than that. This book received my highest 5 ever since I started doing reviews/opines, if I could categorized my 5's. And I tell you what, that is also my cover of the week. Especially after reading the book.


Blogger CalvinPitt said...

Aww man, you skipped the Annual too? But, it was really close to being a good Avengers book! Seriously, read my review! Stuff actually happened! Just don't be too horrified by how Captain America looks.

Yeah, Thor really didn't do much in that arc did he? Still, I thought it was a fun way to defeat Super-Skrull. I chuckled. Didn't buy it though.

I agree that Amazing Spider-Man still doesn't totally feel like a Spidey book. Like I said last month, Pete is out of his depth. Short of trying to take comprimising photos of the senators and blackmail them into killing the legislation, what can he do? His science background won't help; neither will webslinging. it's the same reason he shouldn't get mixed up in Kingpin/organized crime stuff. it's out of his league. Still, I had some fun with it.

Loved X-factor.

I figure Ronan will personally ignore Annhilation as much as he can focusing on his attempt to clear his name. But in doing so, will be drawn into the conflict.

Count me as someone who read Villains United Special, and won't buy Infinite Crisis #7. Of course, I haven't been happy with much of anything that's come out of IC, so clearly not the target audience.

7:51 PM  
Blogger Randy said...

Yeah, the Spidey stuff was still fun. When he went up against the Kingpin, it even wasn't bad because at least the B-league villians still came at him.

I still can't bring myself to buy the Annual. And I will be stopping the NA after ish 25, when the "new" Ronin arc starts. That is just one step too far. Or if BMB gets off his high horse and decides to finally clean it up some, and she is part of the refuse, then maybe I"ll retain it. Have they started giving Cap his "grimace" in honor of the Chaykin issue approaching too? Heh

6:43 AM  
Blogger CalvinPitt said...

randy: Upon further reflection, you're probably wise not to buy it. It probably only feels like an Avengers comic in comparison to all the other New Avengers issues thus far.

As for Cap grimace, I was too busy being stunned by his incredibly thick neck. It was the size of the Hulk's thighs or something, jeez. Can't say I noticed grimacing, but I'm gonna re-read it today, so we'll see.

8:24 AM  
Blogger redlib said...

I think I'll have to get the Villians United IC special-- Simone? Now that not 1 Guy, But 2 Guys who buy comics have given it their endorsement, how can one fangirl resist?

7:08 PM  
Anonymous Martin said...

Just some corrections:

Ultimate Fantastic Four #29 was great. The X-Factor #6 cover sucked.

3:50 PM  

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