Thursday, March 30, 2006

Quick Hit Reviews

Five whole books this week. Light week. Light books. Lets get started.

No spoilers please.

And, we go from weakest book, to strongest book of the week.

Lamest Book of the Week:

This was downright a terrible book. The only redeeming quality was Namor, and even he was too much of a prick. Terribly written. Hey, BMB, thanks for saying that THE Avengers were 'lucky' to have beaten back the Kree/Skrulls from Earth way back when. Lets just demean THE Avengers a little bit more. Screw you BMB.
Notice that there are two Defenders in this "meeting"? And there is lots of Hulk talk. And you know what, I'm betting next years Event will be the Hulk beating the living hell out of everyone remotely resembling a hero.
And you know what, there was only two persons defending him (guess?), and after the whole conversation revolving around him-- Go Hulk.

Chris- you will be disappointed in the good Dr. Sorry.

Rating: 0/5. This was terrible.

Been there, seen this. Hello Black Widow. Hello Alias. What? Government hires young person, then tricks them into even doing more dastardly things. Hello La Femme Nikita. I may stop this series.
Rating: 1/5. At least she didn't ruin the name of THE Avengers.

Its a pretty book. I am getting a little more clarity behind what is happening. Its just that all the characters are plain rotten. I don't care what happens anymore. I just know that everyone is pretty much rotten. If I want that, I can read any old newspaper or online news.
Rating: 2/5. It is pretty to look at though.

It really wasn't that good of a book. We all know Doom comes back. We all know Thor is hiding somewhere and coming soon. I have a feeling I know where he comes from, and you may pick up on that too. There's a hammer on the cover, there's a hammer on the last page. Everything else is pretty much filler.
There are Doombots though. Lots and lots and lots of Doombots.
And Thing is entertaining at least.
But is that art hokey or what?
Rating: 2/5. Everything else this week was worse.

Book of the Week:


This, this book was pleasing. I get to see Doom kicking ass. And not bothering with the names. This chapter in the series marks his return to Latveria, and the rumblings of revolution. This is the Doom we all know and love. However, his sorcery goodness is still not coming out. I'm hoping that this is the Final Chapter in Book 5. For now, we get the beginnings of Doombots, and a hopeful people following a leader looking for change.

Its good. I really liked it.

Rating: 4/5. Very pleasing. Now just give me sorcery too.


Blogger Chris said...

Illuminati: I'll be reading this later today, but with greatly lowered expectations now. Please don't tell me they make Dr. Strange look like a tool.

Books of Doom/FF: You had me at "Doombots".

I do so loves the Doombots.

8:47 AM  
Blogger CalvinPitt said...

chris: I don't think he looks like a tool. He does come off looking extremely passive. Maybe because they aren't discussing mysticism much, but he really seemed to just spend a lot of time sitting, and tenting his fingers in that "pinky and index finger extended" Dr. Strange hand gesture.

I think the one reason I actually enjoyed it is I'm of the mind that bednis just got all the exposition out of the way, and now Millar can spend six issues with heroes fighting and screaming at each other, and pummeling villains and politicans and stuff.

I'm sure it won't actually be that good, but I can dream can't I?

10:53 AM  
Blogger kelvingreen said...

This was downright a terrible book.

And you know what, I'm betting next years Event will be the Hulk beating the living hell out of everyone remotely resembling a hero.
Yup. I was actually half-expecting the alien armada from Annihilation to be sent by the Hulk, thirsting for revenge on his "friends" and now the ruler of a galactic empire due to some time-dilation effect on Planet Hulk, like in the awful Planet of the Apes remake.

But I think we'll see him come back and thrash everyone into shape, and someone like Cap will talk about how the "savage Hulk, too instinctual and primitve for human failings, showed us where we went wrong" or some such bollocks.

There's a hammer on the cover, there's a hammer on the last page. Everything else is pretty much filler.
I thought that was shameful, especially with the pages Xeroxed from other books in there too. What a wastte of money. Just look at the cover, that's all you need going into the next issue.

I'm interested in knowing what your theory about Thor's return is. I wouldn't be surprised if Doom is the only one worthy of wielding Mjolnir now, since all the heroes are being such arses to eaach other.

Please don't tell me they make Dr. Strange look like a tool.
Not as such, but he does hardly anything and Bendis gets is voice completely wrong. Unless this is a post-Dead Girl version of Strange, who's picked up a number of colloquialisms, I don't see the Sorcerer Supreme saying stuff like "I guess I'll be going." Jeez. I shouldn't be surprised; Bendis writes everyone with the same voice, but I'd expect even him to make an effort when he's dealing with Strange, Namor and the gang.

Basically, imagine what a story featuring Iron Man, Black Panther, Xavier, Black Bolt, Strange, Reed Richards and Namor would be like. It'd be dramatic and over the top and full of fun stuff, right? Or would it be a bunch of guys sitting around a table droning on about nothing of consequence? Guess which Bendis went for...

5:06 PM  
Blogger plok said...

Of course they have to make Doc look like a tool. Doc's a spoiler for plotlines, he can do too many things. Fix Wanda. Zap the Hulk to other dimensions. Overthrow planetary governments. Put Reed Richards, Doctor Strange, and Professor X in a room together and the other guys might as well not even show up.

No, I haven't read it yet. Yes, I do enjoy passing judgement on things I haven't even read.

6:11 PM  
Anonymous fin fang doom said...

Fantastic Four would have been a lot better it spoilers hadn't been all over the internet for the last month. Didn't Marvel essentially tell the entire story at Wizard World LA?

I didn't even realize Fallen Angel came out. It wasn't in my pull file, but those lightly ordered things have a tendency to not show up in my file on Wednesdays. I now see the Dimaond site lists it as #4 (of 5), but I swear I just put in a pre-order for #6.

Invincible and The Walking Dead were the highlights of the week for me. The last page of TWD was was of those "Oh, F***" moments that just don't come along too often.

8:31 PM  
Blogger Mallet said...

Namor in Illuminati was perfect. The only thing in the book that was any good actually.

He went along with it in the beginning but was smart enough to relise T'challa was right.

Plus he almost drowned this new stupid evil Tony Stark clone they have running around (i refuse to believe Stark would actively do things like he's been doing them).

Only Doctor Strange could save him from the fury of the Avenging Son!

Other then that?


10:15 PM  
Blogger redlib said...

Randy, why don't you read the same things as me so I'd have some input on your reviews! I did get Red Sonja 8...

4:49 PM  
Blogger Randy said...

Kelvin: Thor...Thor....Thor. I have something this week coming on Thor. I have a feeling Cap and Thor are gunna do something...That plane crashing in Illuminati caught my eye.

Mallet: I believe Tony Stark would say those things. But only because BMB is writing him this time out. Sigh.

Red: But but but, I like to be the weird guy and buy books that no one else does. Nah, I buy a couple of the same, but I get lazy on reviews. I"ll work on that.

9:24 PM  

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