Monday, June 18, 2007

Frank Miller to Martha Washington: Drop Dead!

Why, yes, against my better judgment, I will be buying this.

In other "news" from the dual cons held over the weekend:

1) Apparently enough people are reading Ghost Rider that there was a dedicated Ghost Rider panel at Heroes Con. This amazes me on several levels. Can't wait for the Machine Man panel at San Diego!

2) Dwayne McDuffie's gonna be taking over for Meltzer on JLA; no problems there, but more awesome was DC editor Mike Carlin's remark in re: the perennially late All-Star line:

"During the Q&A that followed, one fan asked if the "All-Star Batgirl" series by series by Geoff Johns would ever come out. "Why should 'All-Star Batgirl' come out?" Carlin joked. "None of the rest of them do."

3) In the Who-Asked-For-This? Dept., Bendis is writing a miniseries called Ultimate Origin that... sigh... explains the origin of the Ultimate Universe. Memo to Marvel: I was just fine with "it's an alternate universe".

4) I Call Bullshit:

Q: "Was Captain America's death decided as Civil War was conceived?"
Quesada: "That was well in the works from the very beginning at Civil War."

Nope, not buying it. Unless by "well in the works" you mean "we made Brubaker accelerate his planned story arcs to tie in with a stupid Millar miniseries".

5) Mark Waid's coming back to the Flash, in the spectacularly horridly-titled All-Flash #1, after which the Flash series reverts back to prior numbering, putting it pretty much at the top of the Failed Relaunches Post-Superboy Punch list for DC.

(Yes, even ahead of Wonder Woman; the problem wasn't that it was terrible --- though it wasn't good --- it was that it was so late. Flash: The Fastest Man Alive was, in fact, terrible --- at least for the first three issues, after which I stopped buying it.)

6) Check for a special announcement later today.

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Blogger Nick said...

The Flash actually wasn't too bad after Guggenheim took over.

As far as the whole Ghost Rider panel...yeah I was gonna go to it but decided against it. Maybe if it had been Daredevil

2:00 PM  
Blogger zc said...

Regarding Ultimate Origin:

From the sound of it it's not gonna be a cosmic explanation like you think, but more just a backstory thing with SHIELD and how much theys uck in the Ultimate Universe, or something.

6:28 PM  
Anonymous plok said...

Ultimate Origins might conceivably have interested me, if it had come out when I was at all interested in the Ultimate universe. Back then (so many years ago, now!) I was actually curious about what things might be hidden in the alternate history that the Ultimizations represented. Who could be behind all the gene-tech? Who could be pulling the strings? Ultimate Justin Hammer? Ultimate High Evolutionary? Ultimate Maelstrom? Ultimate Cable? Ultimate Apocalypse? Ultimate A.I.M.?

But I stopped being intrigued by Ultimizations once they started being a) boring and b) late in coming. Ultimate Origins might have kept me interested, might have immunized me somewhat against Ultimate Incoherent Crap and Ultimate Inexcusable Yawnfest...pardon me, I mean Ultimate Sub-Mariner and Ultimate Galactus...but now it's like Wolverine's origin, in that I'd much rather the character go away forever, than be forced to learn anything new about him. Bendis et. al. had their chance with this stuff, that's the way I see it. They did good for a couple of years -- really good! -- but then they dropped the ball. Like, down a well.

And yes, I'm bitter. I used to really like this Ultimate Marvel stuff a lot, and then...I don't know, it all got really boring, or something. What happened there. It's a big disappointment.

Now with Wolverine, same thing: I was intensely intrigued by his origins up until his Fonzieness took over his character. Along about the time it was decided there was such a person as Patch and such a place as Madripoor, I realized that I was happier letting the dead bury the dead, as far as Wolverine's past went. I hear everything's been revealed now, but I bet whatever the big secret is, it's turned out to be kind of worthless to know. Just a hunch, of course.

Where was all this five years ago when I still cared, Bendis?!

Five years ago!

That can't be right, can it?

12:27 AM  

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