Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Changes, They Are A-Comin'

In what has rapidly deteriorated into a weekly blog, I'm now posting five items today:

1) I'm, like, a month behind on my comics. That gets remedied tomorrow. It better have been worth the wait, though I suspect it hasn't.

2) Andy Schmidt is leaving Marvel, which kind of sucks, because A) thinking about the books I read that were edited by him, I can't recall having any continuity gripes about, and B) dammit, the comics world needs more people named "Andy". (And while we're at it, less people named "Joe Quesada".)

3) I've taken the opinions to heart, and am launching my other non-comics blog next week, which I will of course pimp right here. I'm spending the weekend writing a good chunk of posts for both in an effort to alleviate the large spaces of time between posts on either.

4) Mr. Wizard died, which really, truly, sucks. I watched his Nickelodeon show religiously when I was a kid, and distinctly remember the episode where he taught a kid how to use one of them new-fangled "word processors". The most amazing part was when he intentionally misspelled something, and didn't have to retype it all --- he just moved the cursor back to the error and typed over it!

Don Herbert, ye shall be missed. Especially because my 3 favorite Dons --- Knotts, Ho, and Herbert --- are all now dead. (Am I the only one that keeps lists like that? Probably.)

5) Next week: the awesomest Dr. Strange issue ever, found in Essential Dr. Strange vol. 2, illustrated (natch) by Gene "The Dean" Colan. It'll be awesome, especially if I can get the damn scanner to work.

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