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Randy Reviews March 14

I got books! I got books! Not a lot, but I got a few books this week. And I want to tell you about them, you beautiful blog readers you!

And yes, unlike my counterpart, spoiler free reviews. Because, really, where's the fun in that?
Hrm, what if one day Chris gives out false spoilers? All yours Chris!

In no particular order, here we go:

Week 45

Black Adam kicks ass. Need I say more? I have not been a regular reader of this weekly series, but when it comes to Black Adam, I am intrigued. Don't know why, but this is one character I dig reading about. How WWIII revolves around just him, I don't know that either.

Anyway, Black Adam smashes everything in site. We all apparently knew that was happenign from last ish'es events. And did I mention he smashes everything? Nothing is spared, well, except for one person, who most people don't think is going to make it out of "52" alive anyways.

The worlds powers tremble in fear and awe, shock and surprise. Interesting to see the Chinese take on all this- must be something from the series that I don't have much clue on, but interesting nonetheless. I believe that one government even speaks to this as WWIII, and when are the superheroes going to step in.

I enjoyed it, just because of Black Adam. Whyfore now are they making him a world power/worldsmasher, I don't know? Couldn't this be in the past too? If he's been this "big a power", why haven't we seen this before from him?
Ah well, guess its just a next step in evolution.

Rating: 3/5. It has Black Adam. So I liked it. Flaws? Sure, but easy to overlook.

Grimm's Fairy Tales
Beauty and The Beast, Pt. 1

Hey, the covers are, how would we put this, T & A, but the book inside, for the most part, is not. However, these are not books for reading to the younger audiences. This book, overall, hinges on the much darker, truer to the actual tales side of Grimm, and some of it is just downright nasty.

This issue, is not horrible in grotesque or sleazy manners. Dark, yes, like the Fairy Tales were originally done, but this one is not all out "butchershop" or connotating like other issues. (Hello, Hansel & Gretel)

This ish though the art is a little sub-par from what I have seen in the past- not as sparkly and pretty. Dark tale, dark art maybe? Playing catch-up to the schedule? Doesn't appear to be the usual artist as past books.
Good story, rolling into the "Fairy Tale" part well, but need to adjust to this artwork.

Rating: 2/5. I have seen some better work, and a part 2? Gah! Side Note: Looking forward to trying the Wonderland take that is upcoming next month, and for 99 cents, what the heck!

Moon Knight

Three weeks too late. Might have been cool to see three weeks ago, but waaay too late to really be a great tale.
I think CW has really messed up a few books, with characters (Warbird) and storyline (Moon Knight.) This was definitely not a "good feeling, continuous story" in the MK arcs.

So, how does this Moon Knight rate so far? I don't have a good answer yet. The players are in place, though I do miss Marlene. But this is one friggin' dark character, with deep issues and just, to be blunt, is fucked up!
But I like it, as odd as that may seem. I dont' care for Finch's art though- he's not a muscle bound hero like others.
I LOVE the fact that he is going back to police contacts to do his work- now THAT is where MK belongs- street level solutions to street level problems. I cannot say how happy I am about that. (Yes yes, I know it won't be "street level" vs whomever this "Midnight Man" is, but its still not say....the Green Goblin!)
Spector never was an "ass" per se, to his staff, and is one part of the book I am disliking. In this case, he is pretty much a prick to Nedda, his long time serving maid/housekeeper/cook, whatever we want to call her here.
Did love the fact why Steve Rogers was there though- he was SO dead on!

And once again, as with this book and Manhunter, I am so not going to give them a fair review.

Rating: 4/5. Too late, felt like a book that really didn't need to happen (thanks friggin CW), but liking the direction for the most part.

New Avengers

I bought this arc for the Elektra appearances only. Sadly, this issue only has Elektra on the last page, incoming!!
It has a nice little side story of Luke Cage buying groceries in a post-reg world.
It has a silly piece on there new "hideout" in New York.
It has a silly little piece on where they go to hide-out in Japan, hiding from the Hand and Elektra.
I do like who is in the hide-out though. Interesting bit o' history.
This issue should clear up some of those lame rumours about "Cap alive at the Raft" I've been reading about.

Next issue should be a big showdown fight, NA v Elektra and friends.

And, I finally figured out why I have issues with the New Avengers, as a whole. I have a problem with the word Avengers, and their history. Why can't this title be "New Defenders" or "New Champions", or something "New" altogether? At least I finally figured it out. And yes, smoke filled the room while I tried to put that together.

Rating: 2/5. Not what I expected, some lame stuff, but some good stuff too. And once the Elektra arc is over, so is this series for me. PS: Ronin- speaks like has the brains of a 12 year old street punk hoodlum. Its just dumb.

Wonder Woman

#5??!!! Gah, Allan Hienberg, please stay in television, and stay out of comics. My regular, arc closure is now going to be a one spot special, of an arc that pretty much sucked ass anyways? Gee, thanks DC.
However, I do get some Will Pfeiffer writing, which I do enjoy. This was a well-written piece, but a cliched piece we have all seen before. Then again, its a filler issue, what else should I expect? Still, we don't see this as much as we use to way back when, and reminded me of a 70's era book.
This whole Agent Prince thing just needs to go so far away and never be seen again. Its dumb, recycled and is just not good. Hell, the Manhunter book right now has a far superior WonderWoman that the dang Wonder Woman book itself. What does that tell us?
I am so hoping that the new writer does some major improvements in a character with a rich past so chock full of possible storylines.
I would hate to drop WW. The Rucka books were stellar, ever since they have just been one big drag.
Rating: 2/5. I'm being generous, but I like Pfeiffer, as he does a great job with Catwoman, and is writing the new Amazons Attack Mini forthcoming. Maybe we will finally get to see the ditching of Agent Prince for a long standing appearance of WW.

Later All

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Blogger Nick said...

No Buffy review! *Shakes head sadly*

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Blogger Randy said...

I forgot! I forgot! LOL. No no, I didn't forget- it gets its own special review tomorrow. Yeah, that's it!!

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Blogger kelvingreen said...

Ronin- speaks like has the brains of a 12 year old street punk hoodlum. Its just dumb.
But all Bendis characters speak like that now. It's more realistic, I'm told.

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