Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Randy Random Tuesday

Greetings one and all

This is a big buy week for me, with the following titles:
INCREDIBLE HULK #104 (Probably)

Mighty Avengers. I will try number 1, even though I have been a critic of Bendis writing Avengers. This one has a better look and feel to it, so I can certainly give issue 1 a go.
Leery on the whole Initiative piece though. I"m not liking it. Lets just saturate the Marvel U with already too many heroes. And now they can "create" heroes? Yeah, whatever! The lineup looks GREAT, except for well, that Sentry guy who needs to find a hole in the sun and stay there. AND, more importantly, I don't have 22 issues going "Who is Ronin?" because, I, and probably now 43.5% of comicdom, no longer cares. Is it a running gag at this point? I do hope so.

Annihilation. I loved the minis, and the mini. One of the best that I have seen in quite some time. Just good ol' fashioned space comic goodness. I'm not real thrilled with the slew of follow-ups though. Can't we just leave it at what was already comic goodness, and not spoil it? I know, I know, we ALL work for marketing, but sheesh! For those who did not pick up Annihilation, I recommend the tpb that is forthcoming, if its not already out there.

JLA. Is it me, or is this seeming to take forever to just get off the ground and run? I will finish off this first arc, and just take it a month at a time from there- I'm not sold yet. And, I really don't care for Red Tornado. I had enough android/human conflict from 20 years of Avengers with the Vision, I really don't need anymore.

World War Hulk. Hulk Smash. And if they can literally have it be Hulk Smash for the entire mini, I"m so on board. And yes, I'm rooting for Hulk Smash on everyone of those damn peeps who shot him off. And JRJ on art- oh hell yeah!

Manhunter. Ongoing AGAIN!!! This is a great wrap up arc, and hopefully we never hear of this again. The arc and the not ongoing piece. Give it a try. One of my favorite books out there.

Gail Simone. One of the best writers out there. Heck, I even picked up the Helmet of Fate: Black Alice just because she wrote it- and it was great. I have no interest in any of the other issues from Helmet of Fate. Welcome to Tranquility is a great "soap opera", the cast is so big that we almost need a Who's Who of Tranquility, but she is shaping the cast so well that the entertainment is non-stop.

Countdown. I am so not on board. I was not on board with 52. The WWIII in DC really is not high on my list.

Firestorm. Picked up the first McDuffie issue. WOW!! Stronger, sweet lines and just showing what a powerhouse this guy really is. No offense to Moore of Igle, but damn, this ish was by far the best ish I have ever picked up for Firestorm (ok, and other books too, for those who may demean the whole Firestorm line.) I was highly impressed. Kudos to McDuffie.

OK, I'm tired of rambling now. I have many books tomorrow. I hope to give some highlights on them this week.



Blogger Nick said...

52 really isn't that bad, I am not gonna lie and say every issue is fan-freaking tastic but, the series as a whole is good. The Helmet of Fate - Black Alice was good, kinda suprised this didn't get more notice, given it Simone wrote it. The other Helmet of Fate titles aren't too bad either, the Detective Chimp one is so so but, almost forgiveable when you look at the cover art for the thing.

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