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New Joe Mondays 3/19

Every Friday, Newsarama slaps on a fresh coat of chapstick, buys a new dress and sidles up to Marvel's E-i-C for a little "Q & A". On Mondays, we here at 2 Guys Buying Comics will translate some of the bullshit pandering hucksterism interview for you good people. Some text has been edited for brevity's sake. You can reference the actual article at Newsarama here.

Newsarama: Most of the questions [about Captain America #25] centered on why you choose the story to allowed to be spoiled via the mainstream press, with many fans commenting that while sites like Newsarama included some level of spoiler warning, if one simply happened to check in the morning, they couldn’t protect themselves against having the story spoiled for them.

JQ: Simple - the only place we went to break the news was the New York Daily News for that Wednesday morning. Anyone who picked it up from there did so of their own accord. Once it hit the AP wire, its up to individual news outlets to pick up the story and decide what coverage to give it if at all.Their call, not ours and totally out of our control.

Translation: Maybe I can get this out with a straight face. Ahem: All we did was leak the news to the sixth largest circulated newspaper in the United States! How were we supposed to know everybody else would pick it--- HAHAHA, nope, can't do it. Almost had it, though!

Commentary: Joe. Joe, Joe, Joe. Just--- stop, willya? I mean, really. Quit acting like you had no idea that the cigarette you dropped in the forest would start the fire.


Hawk fan: In other words, without undermining the event, why should we take this "death" any more seriously then his previous two?

JQ: Hawk fan, another great question. I honestly don’t know that answer other than we’re taking it seriously at Marvel and the rest is really up to you. While I’m not going to spoil our future plans, I can tell you that I think you’ll dig where we’re going.

Translation: I have no idea! Also: keep reading! See what I did there? I put the onus of validating the story on you, the reader, instead of the storytellers! Smooooooove, Joe!

Commentary: To be fair, I'm not sure that there is a proper answer to that question. Oh, wait. How about, "Because we've planned an entire mega-story around this event and carefully constructed a rich plot and exploration of the loss of an icon and brought in some classic creators to pay homage". That might be a start.


lfhobbies 03-10-2007 01:24 PM: 1.) In the Civil War: Aftermath Spotlight there is a list of 'everyone' that died in the Civil War but Cap’s name is not on it. However, in the ‘Key Points of Civil War; Cap #25 is mentioned as his death. Is this a slip or are you letting the careful reader know the truth :)

JQ: Hey, lfhobbies, no, that Top 10 list was done at the last second in-house to keep from spoiling it. In order to keep the death of Cap a secret, not a single creator that wasn't involved with the event was told about it (at least to my knowledge). This included the Marvel Spotlight folks. As a result, we are doing a special, stand-alone Spotlight: Captain America Remembered in May and also check out the special “Captain America Assassinated” issue of our latest Daily Bugle, which is in stores now. Even though the Daily Bugle is free, it’s on some stores’ best-seller list! Is that possible - to be a best-seller when it's free? Ah, whatever.

Translation: No no no, that was totally a result of the careful planning and timing that has been the hallmark of everything involving Civil War! In the Merry Marvel Fashion, we're covering our asses by selling you more comics you probably won't want to read!

Commentary: Seriously, when CW #3 or 4 was announced late, didn't Marvel try to placate the masses by offering new tie-in one-shots? Also, Joe? The Daily Bugle is your best-seller because of simple economics: it's the best price point/value offering you have. And no, that's not good news for you.


2.) : Now that Civil War is over, can you tell us who/what that blond "Cap looking" guy in Reed’s lab in Civil War #4 (second last page) was. McNiven is an amazing artist that is perfect to the detail - and that detail was a little too perfect.

JQ: Happy Hogan.

Commentary: Um, not according to Gene Colan. And yes, I'm nitpicking here, but I'm still a little angry at the whole death of Happy Hogan thing over in Iron Man.



Blogger kelvingreen said...

I'd say that the only thing to do is to chemically castrate Newsaramites, but it would be a bit pointless.


Dear god, I hate that site...

3:55 PM  
Blogger Carla said...

As a newsaramite, I make a face at the above comment. (okay, so blog@ is like the funny one at the kids table, but come on!)

Thank you for catching that 'well, the story's what you want to make of it' comment as I nearly went through the roof wondering why Joe Quesada couldn't work up the energy to be enthusiastic about his characters. Man will get down on his knees for Mark Millar, but to give a reasonable answer to a guy wanting to know why he should give a damn about Cap's getting killed? You answered the question, I could answer the question with 'Because a man as large and as legendary as Captain America dying publically in the street will have an impact on the Marvel Universe the likes of which it will never see again. This event will set the tone for the new age and a lot of characters you know and love will care and take action, that's why it's important'.

Some days, I even wonder if Joey Q is even a fan anymore...

4:51 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

Oh Joe's a fan, a fan of money. Certainly not of the actual product he puts out, since it's degenerated so much in the last year.

If it wasn't for Ed Brubaker's books, I would give Marvel up completely.

6:20 PM  
Blogger kelvingreen said...

No no Carla, you write in full sentences, and those sentences aren't variations on "this looks awesome, so I'll definitely be getting it", ergo you're not actually a Newsaramite. You just got lost.

2:13 AM  

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