Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tidbits on the 8/1 Books

Greetings Greetings Greetings

I got books. I got mostly good books. I got some great books. But I am sad that this week contains no Annihilation:Conquest chapters. Those are DAMN FINE BOOKS!!

Jonah Hex: Taking a cue from "The Prestige", Jonah meets Thomas Edison on some hunt for stolen "technology". A nice read. Nice that some of these books can come up with not a lot of violence and some fun dialogue. I liked it.

Supergirl: Tying into Amazons Attack, tis the only reason I bought it. It was...alright. At least she didn't look like a slutty dressed teen. They actually gave her some....body I guess you'd call it?

Fantastic Four: I like McDuffie's writing, especially his brief stint on the outgoing Firestorm. I enjoyed this one too. Good inner-team working. I hope Sue gets to beat some ass!

Spiderman/Red Sonja: Come on, you KNOW I had to buy this one!! It was slow. It wasn't bad. It was just slow. It should pick up in the next chapter, so I"ll at least buy the next one. Kinda a crazy scheme to make this work, but hey, its a comic, right?

Welcome to Tranquility: I think I'm going to be short-timing this book. Its appeal to me has worn down, the stories just aren't grabbing me. The last book was just not good, and this one is even picking up on the zombie craze. Sigh. C'mon Gail, I know you have more in ya than this.

Warbird: Man, MachineMan is a prick, isn't he? I"m just going to give this one an ok. But PuppetMaster? Oh come on! The AIM storyline was better than this. At least I get me some MachineMan I guess.

World War Hulk: I eat my words from much earlier on in a post where "I asked the point of World War Hulk?" Hulk Smash, Hulk Smash Good, and its just excellent. This is a damn fine "event", and glad to see its doing well. But Sentry? COME ON, he's a big wuss. Give me THOR any day, even though I know that's just not going to happen. However, go Doc Strange! OOOO, that musta hurt? So sorry Doc Strange.

Thor: I am totally impressed by this book! I"m loving it. I had doubts about JMS. I had doubts about chainmail. Still don't care about the chainmail, but I am enjoying this writing, I am enjoying this art and am damn glad that Thor is back. I love the slow pacing of bringing him back (although I sure as hell wouldn't yell about Thor kicking Hulk's ass either!!) and starting with just Thor, now Asgard, and soon his friends. Can I dip into the treasury too?

No Grimms' Fairy Tales for me this week. I think it missed the boat or something. Maybe next week.

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