Monday, May 22, 2006

Iron Man's Frisson of Woo

In response to Harvey Jerkwater's call for the "Frisson of Woo" for our favorite characters, here's mine.

Iron Man:

Tony Stark dons armor. IM takes to the air like a firework. Rescues a plane from crashing by carrying it. Repulsor rays Crimson Dynamo right in the ol' noggin. Uni-beams a swath of destruction through an assload of androids. Cue the logo.

That's all for today. This will likely be a light week for me, since there are things in real life that require my attention more than comics.

(I know. I was shocked too.)


Anonymous Dan said...

Really? I had more imagined a few extreme close-ups of Tony donning the armor, then just blasting out into the sky as his frisson of woo.

12:44 PM  

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