Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What I'm Buying 1/24

I'm not above shamelessly stealing features from others. Plus, I'm lazy and need a column for Wednesday, so here it is. Oddly, only one DC book and quite a few Marvel, although two of them are final issues for me.


OK, issues 3-5 are usually where miniseries start to suck. The last issue of this deftly avoided that fate. Here's hoping this one will too. This is a really great series thus far, chock full o' Green Lantern goodness.

SEP051924DEFENDERS #5 (OF 5)$2.99

I hate, hate, hate this series. It's only funny in the same way that knock-knock jokes, puns, and spoonerisms are funny, i.e. not at all. It's lame. The art is serviceable. Unfortunately, I had it preordered already, and I'm not going to stick my LCS with the tab just because I backed the wrong horse. What a misfire. Inexplicably, a number of people seem to like this comic.

NOV051974NEW AVENGERS #15$2.50

This is it! This is the issue that sets me free! I promised myself that if this issue continued the trend of being sucky then I'd put down the crack pipe and stop buying New Avengers. I have no reason to believe this issue will be good....which is usually right about the moment that Bendis pulls something good out. So it's a win-win either way.

NOV051973NEXT WAVE #1$2.99

Reliable sources have informed me that this doesn't suck. This is probably my most anticipated book this week. I'll let you know what I think.

NOV052002X-MEN DEADLY GENESIS #3 (OF 6)$3.50

This series has surprised me so far by being good. Also very much looking forward to this.

NOV052988FALLEN ANGEL IDW #2 (OF 5)$3.99

So, the owner of the bar is supposed to be Hitler? I'm still not sure I have any idea what's going on in this book, and the art is waaaaay too close to fumetti for me, but still I'm intrigued. I wasn't in some opium-induced dreamlike tesseract when Peter David said this was now an ongoing, was I?

In addition, I've got two Essential volumes waiting for me, the Essential Handbook of the Marvel Universe, and Essential Avengers Vol. 5. Mmmmmm. Avengery goodness. Avengers-Defenders War, Thanos, Dormammu, and Loki. Yes, sah!

The lack of DC books this week means I've got a little cash left over for a couple books I'm not currently reading. Feel free to comment with suggestions as to what I might want to pick up that I'm not currently reading.


Blogger Greg said...

I thought Fallen Angel was an ongoing, then I saw that it was five issues, and now I don't know what to think. Someone will get to the bottom of this!

10:57 AM  
Blogger Jake said...

It was originally a five series mini, but sales of #1 were so good IDW decided to make it an ongoing.

I can't suggest anything from this week to add to your shopping list (I'm getting Daredevil, Ultimate Spidey, and might grab Pulse since there's only a few issues left). Instead, grab something from last week. Ex Machina is starting a new story arc, so it's at a good jumping on point.

11:50 AM  
Blogger Randy said...

Archie Comics RULE!!!!

2:48 PM  
Blogger kelvingreen said...

Not Avengers wasn't too bad 9well, it was pretty awful, but Bendis writes a good Warbird), but I've already dropped it. Too little, too late Brian!

(And there'd be no way I'd stick around for this Collective nonsense, anyway...)

Essential Avengers v5 is top-notch, however. Galactic Storm next week, remember!

I keep waiting for DC to screw up with Green Lantern Corps and they really haven't so far. Great stuff. Perhaps the ongoing will bring the expected calamity.

I loved Nextwave, but over at SBC when we did our round table, it was a pretty even split between those of us who loved it and those of us who hated it, so I don't know whether you'll like it.

9:12 PM  
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