Monday, January 23, 2006

Synopsis Review Before India

Yet another trip overseas means no comics for three weeks. THREE WEEKS!!!! NO spoiler posting please. Pretty Please?

So, I bought some DC comics last week too, but I did not get a chance to review them, so I'll do some quickshots on them. No photos. I know, boring, but I'm procrastinating packing my bags, so I have to pretend that I am at least trying to leave.

Red Sonja #4
This has been good stories so far, and good art. At least the women in this book don't look like stick figures. That must be some REALLY hi-tech material though to keep her what-little-clothes-there-are on her body the whole fight.
On a side note, I picked up some of the Conan was pretty decent, though the art has started to go a little downhill.
3/5. Its fun.

Seven Soldiers:Mister Miracle Part 3/4
I don't mind the whole New Gods thing. Its different. But this book. This book sucked. Probably because I really do not like Shilo Norman. I miss Scott Free and Big Barda. Its the Multiple Man all over again. It gets really tiring after awhile with all the multiples. And boring. And OLD.
Terrible book. I am very disappointed in this mini. Its pretty bad when I think that the Bulleteer is better than this, and it ain't that good.
0/5. I could not stand this. It ranks right up there with that last Uncanny X-men.

All-Star Superman #2
Oh, this is sooooooooo far better than All-Star Batman I-Am-Frank-Miller-I-Am-Comic-God-And-Can-Trash-As-I-Please. Its very quirky. It sets Superman up as someone who is different and really is pretending to be "normal". It wasnt' the best book in the world, but it was fun. I thought the end was very goofy, much like the comics of 'yore.
3/5. It took me a couple of reads to get it all.

Exterminators #1
It was ok. I did NOT like the racoon scene. That was just wrong. Thats kind of like kicking a dog (see Chris's IC #4 review). It was interesting to read. But I don't care one bit about any of the characters. So I probably won't read anymore.
2/5. The characters are asses. Not worth my dime. Or three bucks in this case.

Manhunter #18
Its finally picking up some steam. I'm looking forward to this story arc to be over and I think it'll be a little more fun read. At least she's finally back in the suit after a few issues of non-suit action.
2/5. Its getting there. It does have some good history though. Just for that, I"m changing my rating from a 2/5 to a 3/5.

Firestorm #21
Important back story. New direction coming. He has a smart guy as a partner. That should help alot. I liked how it went. Looking forward to the next ish.
3/5. Solid storytelling.

JLA #124
Why do I still buy this crap? Oh, because only one more til the end. That's why. Why do I buy this crap still? Man, this is really bad. End this already.
0/5. Bad. WAY BAD.

Infinite Crisis #4
Good read. Flash stuff was great. Batman/Nightwing stuff was great. The Superboy stuff was great. Was nice to see who the new Spectre is going to be. Great shot at the end.
4/5. The next one looks even better.

That's it gang. My LCBS did not have any Sgt. Rock, as the shippers "lost it." So he gets them this week. I dont' get them until Feb 13.

Sux Rox.

Later all. I will still make fun and/or rude comments on Chris' posts though.