Thursday, January 19, 2006

Eh...a review or two

So here I am waiting for this beta game to download...and I'm like 566/618 in line waiting. What better to pass the time than a couple of reviews. I'll dig right in, and as usual, no or very few spoilers. I try for very few.

Ares: God of War
Part I of V

Lets just say that my Bachelors degree is in Classical Archaeology. Because it is. That may be one of those other reasons why I seem to be drawn to those books that involve mythos and gods and the like. So I did not pick up Ares the first week. Read a few things about it, and people seemed to like it. Alright, fine Marvel, here's my $3. Lets see how this one goes. (Yes, I WAS DUMB enough to be suckered to buy many of the House of M tie-ins.) HEY CHRIS- can you compare Iron Man- House of M and the Warren Ellis crap? Now yer talking. Anyways...ooops, 485 out of 748 in line now...progress.

Ares. It was decent. Was it too hyped by other readers? Yep. But it was a good tale. Some fun "history" reading on Ares. And then Oeming brings him to the now world, kid in tow. That will be a whole 'nother storyline at some point. I do love the little snippets and how-to's he passes on to his son. Must be Ares. It was a great setup for the rest of the series.

The art- oddly pastel. But that was fine. I didn't expect pretty for this. The beginning pages were very nicely done though.

And, as Chris references how "Ares will find a way to squiggle into the New "LameAss" Avengers", I disagree. I think that the way Oeming sets up Ares in this book, he has no place being in a group, being a hero or, even being in Olympus. But, he IS still better than lame-o Sentry.

I'll give the next one or two of this a try. Not like Ghost Rider, which I gave up after issue 2. That went south fast.

Overall Rating: 3/5. I thought about a 2. But it wasn't that bad. The first few pages really made the book for me. And the teachings to his son made me laugh.

415/810. Sigh. I'll get this downloaded eventually.

Uncanny X-Men #468
Deathmark: Grey's End
Part 3 of 3

I bought this book by mistake. I buy like one X-Men book. I thought this was the right one. It wasn't. Now, before I begin, to be fair, I don't buy this one. I don't know the storylines. This is a part 3 of 3. That said:

What a pile of shit. The writing was so bad I had to start skimming the pages hoping this crap would finally end. Sometimes, with an in-the-middle book, you could figure out what was going on. Enjoy some of the art at least. The most enjoyment I had from this book was: a.) putting it down & b.) writing up how bad this crap was.

Now, there were Shi'ar. There was a Skrull. So, my first question was, where are Earth's Mightiest Heroes? Oh yeah, that book doesn't exist. I have a bunch of Newbs. Shi'ar are cool, hell Skrull warriors are cool. They have no business being wasted in this book.

Now, I feel a bit bad for those of you dedicated readers who do enjoy this book, who like Chris Claremont, who do know the storyline.
The characters bored me, the cool aliens were wasted in this trash book and, from he who has nothing against Chris Claremont, seems a waste of talent.

Overall Rating: 0/5. I liked nothing in this book. I don't care that I wasted $3. I do care that I wasted 10 minutes of my life on this. Hell, if I wanted to waste 10 minutes and $3, I coulda at least gotten a book with like skimpy babes or something. Hmm....

247/799...I"m getting there.
I just realized I have no wine glasses. I have to drink my wine from a pilsner. Its just not right.

Son of M
Gene Pool
Part 2 of 6

This is the only Decimation series that I am actually buying. Chris has kindly let me read Deadly Genesis, which I have enjoyed. And, I am enjoying Son of M. Including this one. He's always been an ass. He always will be an ass. I'd like to say I can relate to that, but I'm not an ass....most times.

And, the Inhumans show up. I like the Inhumans. I can't explain why. They fascinate me I think. And, when Crystal was in THE Avengers, those were actually a pretty good read, though kind of a f'ed up team at that time. They were still THE Avengers at least. This book was Pietro at his usual, being an ass.

I like where the book is going. I do like how the Inhumans, rather some of their fit into the scheme suddenly. The story flows well. The accompanying characters, here such as Luna and Crystal, really stand out.

One thing I did notice is that almost everyone has no expression, or the same expression, which goes back to none. Only Luna, the innocent child, has a smile in this entire book. Its kinda spooky.

Overall rating: 3/5. I am enjoying this series. And, I think its funny seeing Flash DVD sales on Marvel books. I know its not the first or last time, but its still funny. Ah marketing. We are all slaves to marketing.

That's all for the Marvel for now. Been very slow in the Marvel world for me in the last couple of weeks. Depending on where I am in line, maybe I'll get to pop on and do a couple of DC reviews.

140/836....soooo close...


Blogger markus said...

I was dissapointed with Ares. The initial action sequence was great once I spent five minutes figuring out what the hell happened, and I enjoyed Ares in the modern world, his attitude and his interaction with his son.
It went bad when it became clear that the book wasn't going to be about Ares the father/god in the modern world, but about breaking shit and killing stuff. Plus, the heavily signalled father-son conflict towards the end. While my money is on Ares killing the brat in keeping with the introduction (including the give-won't bit), they might go for a transformative experience which I'd find equally lame.

5:44 PM  
Blogger Randy said...

Yeah, it did drop off near the end. I did not like the look of Ares in his "battle-mode", but I am looking forward, and hoping, that there will be a lot of interaction on Olympus. If not, and it just becomes Zeus giving him a mission to get his son back, it will be quite lame and a great disappointment.

6:31 PM  
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