Monday, January 02, 2006

Awards Week!

Howdy all, just warming up for this week here at 2 Guys Buying Comics, where we hand out the bronze, silver, and gold medals in several categories. The idea of this is to give you, dear reader, thoughts on things you might have missed, and perhaps more importantly, to stoke some discussion about things y'all might have liked too.

After about two minutes of discussing what we liked, we decided that it was going to be impossible to come up with a consensus on anything, and so we're all handing out our own awards. After five or six days of this, the blog should become darn near unreadable.

Two things to remember this week:

1) We're all judging on comics we actually bought. So if you've been reading for awhile now and don't like any of the comics I buy anyway, then this week will probably suck for you and you should take a break and come back next week. It should be noted, though, that Jake tends to buy completely different comics than either I or Randy.

2) I loves me some superheroes. I don't buy many non-superhero comics, regardless of whether you think I should or not. So if you're one of those people who look upon supercomics as childish trash, then again...there are probably better blogs out there for you this week. So be it.

So take this awards week for what it is: 2 (OK, OK, 3) guys going through the comics they bought this year and remembering what really stood out to them.

Back today with the first award!


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