Thursday, December 29, 2005

Chris' New Year's Resolutions

The New Year is almost upon us, so I thought I'd share some of my comic-related New Year's Resolutions, just because I'm burned out from writing up the 2005 2 Guys Buying Comics Year End Awards. (Actually, it's not so much the writing as it is the rereading of everything I bought this year.)

I resolve:

To buy more #1 issues, in the interests of giving new series at least a fighting chance.

To buy more independent comics, not because I'm a soldier in the ridiculous philosophical war between indies and the Big Two, but because there's good stuff that just doesn't get enough (or any) shelf space.

To continue my tradition of completely ignoring manga, because dammit, I still just can't stand that style of art.

To get back on board the 2000AD train, because I've decided that I love the variety and quality of the stuff in there, even if sorting out the scheduling is a headache.

To be more adamant about dropping comics I don't like instead of going the completist route.

To go back and get the whole Brian Michael Bendis Daredevil run, because no matter how he's screwed up the Avengers, I have to admit that there's just too many people raving about these last twenty or so issues for me to ignore it.

To not get sucked in by every stupid event that comes down the--oh, who am I kidding? I might as well just hand my cash over to Marvel now for Civil War.

To update the blog more frequently.

To triple the size of my Essentials and Showcase Presents collections, because pound for pound they're still the best value in comics.

To find an artist for my own comics project.

To be a bit more generous, a little less bitter, and a lot more appreciative towards creators in the industry who, whether we like the work or not, on the whole work pretty darn hard so I can buy comics.

Ditto for my LCS guy.

To finally attend Comic-Con so I can get my sketchbooks going.

To sit back every once in awhile and appreciate the fact that I'm in a spot where I can share my comics thoughts, read others' comics thoughts, and enjoy the community that is the comicsblogoweb.

Happy New Year!


Blogger kelvingreen said...

Nope, Marvel have lost me, after HoM and Spider-Man: The Udder. I may look in on one or two bits of that cosmic thingie they've got going on next year, but I'm steering well clear of this Bendis-driven Illuminati/Civil War rubbish. If the best they can come up with is Reed Richards, Namor and Xavier secretly ruling the world, then they're no longer a House of Ideas. Not good ones anyway.

3:24 PM  
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