Friday, November 09, 2007

More Reasons I *Heart* Gail Simone

From a quote over at the 'Rama in re: her upcoming thousand-year reign on Wonder Woman:

"The book is about the best goddamned warrior planet Earth has ever known, and she happens to carry a mystical arsenal around just for the hell of it.

If a writer can’t make that interesting and fun, they really shouldn’t be writing superheroes."

::Looks over his glasses at Dan DiDio::

I think we understand each other, now, don't we Dan? Yes. Yes, we do.

Heretofore, whereas, and moreover, 2GBC shall now from here on out employ what we will refer to as "Simone's First Law Of Conceptual Bad-Assedness", to wit:

If Concept A is Bad-Assed, then the Writer Of Concept A should be able to produce Comic B, which should be Interesting and Fun.

Simple, I know. But you'd be surprised how many writers fail the test.



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