Friday, October 26, 2007

It's Really Not My Fault

So, some shitheel sets fire to California and all of a sudden my workload triples, because that's where Frobozz Software, Inc. has its data center/server farms, and the engineers are too busy "evacuating" to complete the tasks I've assigned them.

Hope you're OK, guys, and you know who you are.

Meanwhile, astute reader Gary Smith points out that our little blog got a mention (and a mistype) from legendary comics writer Keith "SpaceKnights Ho!" Giffen over at Wizard's website.

First off: we buy all the comics we review here at 2GBC, otherwise we'd be just another "I work at a comics store so I can review everything published this week because I get them for free" blog, and those guys are generally assholes with no concept of value-for-comics-dollar.

So yeah? Fuck you, people with free time who work at comics stores who can review everything within 30 seconds of the issues hitting the shelves. Just sayin'.

Also: We are TOTALLY jealous of you.

Anyhoo: in re: the Giffen review:

Positives: Keith Giffen acknowledges and misspells our existence.

Negatives: We're compared to a convention encounter. Plus, I still haven't posted reviews. Note that this will not keep 2GBC from posting a pull quote from Giffen:

"They read, they blog, they seem to be having fun. This blog is, to me, the Internet equivalent of a convention encounter: 'I read the book, here’s what I think.' Can’t fault that."

We are officially counting that, friends, as a ringing endorsement. Keith Giffen cannot fault our blog, and how many of you can say that, hmmmm?

P.S. Keith: I will pay a large amount of dollars for you to convince Joe Quesada to get the ROM:SpaceKnight licence back and let you write the first 12 issues. This needs to be done. Let's talk. is the e-mail address.

Coming on Monday: So many reviews you, dear reader, will shit your pants. So bring fresh underwear. I mean it.



Blogger Dracorat said...

lol, considering the content of your post, I'm going to assume your label intentionally misspelled Keith's name. =)

11:34 AM  
Blogger Dracorat said...

Oh no it didn't. I can't even read my own name. I'm such a noob.

Woulda been a nice "stick" though!

11:35 AM  

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