Sunday, February 11, 2007

New Reviews Up

Greetings to all of the 2GBC audience. I know, I know, I'm just the review guy, Chris is the expose, random mad thinking guy, but nonetheless, its very nice to be back. I missed putting out reviews, and after the hiatus, I have more energy to now post some of these
consistently, and yes, still all jaded and one-sided! Just because I can!!

So, without further ado, I bring you, this weeks reviews:

New Avengers #27
Revolution Part I

First of all, please NOTE: I called this New Avengers. It had a group fight, albeit with ninjas. But, at least, as only Spidey could put it- at least it wasn't against other heroes or House of M or crap like that! Real Bad Guys!!

Was it good? It wasn't bad. Avengers fight- yep, fight as a group.
Focus on Ronin/Echo- eh, who cares. Its not a title I'm going to buy consistently. It had Elektra, so of course I'm going to buy it. Heck, I might even buy a Cable/Deadpool book if it has Elektra in it. I mean, I bought a Black Panther book just because of the Inhumans!

But, the white eyes. I did not like the white eyes of everyone not in a mask. They just looked...dead. And Elektra? She looked dead in like, every shot of her. Elektra was not drawn well. It was nice to FINALLY see her somewhere, but come on, I don't think ol' Matt was going to wish "THE SHOT" on her. From my recollection, she did help him in a time of need, near the end of Bendis' arc on DD. (I may be wrong though.) Doctor Strange? Holy, who the hell was
that guy. He looked AWFUL!! Totally AWFUL!! Can you make him look any more dead or decrepit or malaise or whatever you want to call it?

So overall, story: better than what I have seen in previous NA books. Still though, ninjas? Maybe I"ll try Mighty...Art: way to hit and miss for me. The eyes really turned me off.
Elektra/Doc Strange not good.

Overall Rating: 3/5. Reasonable story, average art. It had Elektra!

Jonah Hex #16
The Ballad of Tallulah Black Pt. 1

I like the start of this arc. Nice, short abridged of how Tallulah
gets to this point. Not a lot of Jonah yet. That's ok, please note
the title of this book. What I do not want to see though with Jonah is:

Insert Character A here.
Character A has bad childhood, or drastic other happening in
life and wants revenge.
Jonah Hex takes under wing, trains and Character A gets even.
Next to Character B.
Sure, sometimes this may be ok. But remember, its all about Jonah,
and Jonah in the Old West, not in 2055 or whatever! Would hate to see this type of story become routine.

I like the art in this: just seems to do a great job of harkening back to a time of history. I would like to see a mix of one-shot tales amongst arcs. This book does great one-shots.

Overall: 4/5. Looking forward to Tallulah busting some ass.

Warbird #12
Something Dark is Coming

This was one of the better Warbird tales to come along in a long while. Civil War has killed this book & Warbird. She needs to find a new direction. I was fine with the first few issues when she was looking for direction. The Brood was a great story. Now, ugh. Although, the Anya-under-her-wing piece is actually kinda a positive note. Not that Warbird is a great role model, but I think she can train pretty well.

Zombies, the choice bad guy of the past year for Marvel, make a return here. I like Anya's line: "I think I broke 'em."

I think the publicist piece has worn out its welcome. It was funny, now its just buggy.

The A.I.M. take is a part I like. Maybe a little "under-powered" for Warbird, but she is looking to "make her mark." At least it wasn't Stilt Man.

The Greg Horn covers are pretty, but not awe-inspiring. I do like the art in the book though, lots of different looking actions.

Overall Rating:3/5. Finally a decent story. That alone gave it a higher rating.

Fantastic Four: The End
5 of 6

I picked it up on a whim way back when. And stuck with it. Its been a fun entertaining little tale.

What's good: I get Thor. I get Inhumans, Kree and Shi'ar. I get to see a highly entertaining Ben and Johnny Storm, each doing their own thing. This ish had some good Ben and J Storm interaction- nice to see for once. I like what they did with Dr. Strange. And there is a big arse fight a-brewing.

What's not so good: Reed whining, Sue with short hair, silly Iron Man thing.

Will it all come to a good ending- of course, its the Fantastic Four. When haven't they had a good ending? (Well, the summation of how they fractured, ok, that wasn't a good ending. **FF:End #1
Overall Rating: 3/5. Story that is readable, enjoyable and a nice little touch of the cosmic.

Welcome To Tranquility #3
A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody

This has also been a great book. I give props to Gail Simone, one of the best writers out there. She has once again hit me with the book of the week.
This has been a fabulous story, its a soap opera built from one incident that continues to just add twist, add plot point, add twist, add plot point...but all of the twist and adds are great fun and makes you want to read them. Now, there are a slew of characters, they can be hard to remember, due to sheer numbers. I mean, we are being introduced to a town of cast members. Still, I think the main players have been rolled out well, and we continue to learn new things about them each ish (shush!!! I know there have only been 3).

Go Mayor! Go Mayor!

Alas, this ish has a not-so-happy ending. I was a little bummed by that. However, Gail is not one to feel the need to give us a status quo- she has no qualms about shaking the tree and giving us a few li'l surprises along the way.
I encourage you to give this book a shot if you haven't. I would recommend issue 1 though. This is not a jumping on point, and I don't see one of those in the foreseeable future.

Overall Rating:4/5. This is one book that I truly look forward to each month now.


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