Monday, November 13, 2006

What Was Read Last Couple of Weeks

Greetings masses

Just wanted to throw a few bullet points up on what I've read the last few days. It has been a very light load the last couple of weeks. No ratings. Just some thoughts.

Jonah Hex: Origin Story
I was down on Jonah Hex the last couple of issues. It just hasn't really stirred me. I was actually thinking of not having it on my pull list any longer. But, I am too lazy to strike it from the record, so I keep getting it, and reading it. I liked the origin story, Part 1. I also actually like the rougher art look to it- it keeps to the historical purpose real well. A good read.

JLA #3
Looking forward to the team actually being in place. Loved the whole Black Lightning discussion. Vixen bores me to tears, as does Red Tornado. Enjoyed the Green Arrow Jr. , Black Canary, Green Lantern bits. Very entertained. Looks like Black Canary from Birds of Prey is carrying over to JLA. Did I mention Red Tornado bores me to sleep. I went through all of this with the Vision. I don't need to see this again.

Firestorm #31
The current creative team is leaving. I'll be sad. I've taken a liking to Igle's art, and I may even follow it over to Nightwing, though I have no interest in Nightwing. But I guess the hype looks pretty good for Wolfman/Igle, so I'll give it a try. Anyhow, this arc is wrapping up quite nicely. Maybe a little dragged out, but still getting a good bang for my buck...or three bucks.

Eternals #5/7
Loving this book. Too biased for a good opine here. Looking forward to their return to the regular Marvel U?

Devi #5
I don't have issues 2 or 3. So I'm pretty darned lost. Hoping I can find the back issues. Its a damn pretty book though.

Red Sonja #16
I like this story arc, though its really dang long. Very wordy actually, and if you don't follow all the wordiness, the story is going to lose you. Wait, an old-fashioned sword/sorcery book that's long winded? That can't be right.

Annihilation #4/6
A little filler issue, but it was a needed one. Last panel was kind of shocking, but we all know it'll twist out to something different. Lots of Thanos, Moondragon and Drax. Galactus will be making an appearance soon, at your local InterGalactic War, and its not going to be pretty. Giffen even managed to rope some Civil War chatter into this ish, and man, it was very well done. This is the series that everyone should be reading, not the silliness of Civil War.

Have a lovely day everyone


Anonymous Nick said...

I only saw two things wrong with JLA #3.

1.) Really big butt shot of Black Canary taking up almost half a page

2.) The human Red Tornado and Black Lightening, look almost like the same person, the biggest difference between the two maybe being eye color.

Benes drawing of the Phantom Stranger was pretty pimp though I will say.

5:20 PM  

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