Tuesday, October 31, 2006

No Trick, All Treat

I owe the inestimable Bill Mantlo a great deal, if for nothing else than ROM: Spaceknight. My favorite comic as a kid, he wrote all 75 issues and 4 annuals, and to this day the ROM series is still my favorite part of my comics collection.

You could say that Mantlo's the reason I'm still reading comics.

When I saw that David Yurkovich was putting together a tribute book to one of my all-time favorite comic writers, it took all of three seconds for me to make a donation.

There's no trick --- go check it out at


and make a donation, already!

In return (here's the treat), you get a copy of the book which contains interviews, reflections, a Mantlo prose piece and short story illustrated by Yurkovich (sample pages are on the site) and get to help out Bill, who's in poor health after being struck by a car while rollerblading. Go read the full story here at Comics Should Be Good.

So, here's to Bill, may he recover, and a Happy Halloween for everyone out there.


Blogger inkdestroyedmybrush said...

good find, and thanks for providing the link. I've donated and I'm posting this on my comics blog as well! thanks -

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