Wednesday, September 20, 2006


OK, quick rundown on 3 completely self-serving items:

1) Thanks to an outrageous plumber's bill, the fact that "a daughter in high school" translates to "I will give all my money to 85 different extracurricular organizations because if I don't then I'm robbing my child of being well-rounded", and the goddamn Federal government, I still haven't got comics, which means I'm on a 4-week withdrawal. So that means that you're going to get opinion pieces for at least another week, after which I'll continue with the usual evisceration/overpraise.

(Side note: my buddy Jake is in the process as I type this of trashing Civil War #4 over at Ye Olde. He and I discussed it earlier, in which he attempted to keep the discussion spoiler free but I aimed low, asking myself "What would the lowest form of hackery be in this situation?"... and guessed two out of the three big events. I'll have more on this later.)

2) I must be doing something right: over the last two weeks I've fallen ass-backwards into three separate paid writing projects, two of which are comics-related. Thanks for your continued support!

3) It's unofficially Fall TV Season Show Review Week over at Artistic Veritas. Our reviews on new and returning shows! Even if you don't watch TV, we need the hits! See? Told you I was shameless. Oh, and for the love of God watch Hustle.

Thanks! More tomorrow, after I get back from parent-teacher conferences, which for reasons I will go into later I loathe more and more every year --- and I actually have great students.


Blogger kelvingreen said...

My editor at SilverBullets described Civil Bore #4 as a "perfect jumping off point". We're doing our big group roundup review of it this Sunday, and I'm interested to see how it fares. I savaged it, of course.

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