Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Very Cool News

Steve Purcell, creator of the Sam and Max comic, is, um, making new Sam and Max webcomics!

Right here.


For those of you who aren't aware, Sam and Max are a dog and a rabbit who call themselves "Freelance Police", and generally go on adventures whilst wreaking all sorts of havoc with property damage and personal injury AND delivering snarky lines.

LucasArts put out a damn fine adventure game for the PC in the early 90's based around these little guys, and that is also well worth the eBay auction to play it.

But the comic? It's a hoot.

Also in the Very Cool News Department: Redhead Fangirl has her one-year blogoversary! Nice work! Check out her timeline of events --- she does more in one year than I do in 30. Or something like that.


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Aw, shucks.

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